Sunday, June 21, 2009

Silent Sundays: Happy Father's Day!

I haven't posted a Silent Sundays in awhile and I figured Father's Day was a perfect day to start back up! Here are a few pics of the two Daddy's in my life - first of all MY Daddy and second my hubby, the daddy of our kiddos! I love you both and wish you the Happiest Father's Day!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Illumin8 Performance

I am SOOO excited because the dance crew that we have in our CrossFire Ministries was the VERY first thing to perform in our brand new youth building! I've posted about it before on here and I am happy to announce - the certificate of occupancy has been signed and we have already had two youth services in it!

It has been a BLAST and the teens are lovin' it! Now, I tried to videotape our dance and the concert by B. Reith the first night we were in there but my tape messed up so thank you SO much to a teenager in the crowd who DID capture the dance on video! I was going to upload the video onto here directly but I just uploaded it to our CrossFire blog and it took 23 minutes, no exaggeration. Soooo....I made an executive decision and decided to simply put the link on here for you to go view it! lol, so I hope you enjoy it!

Click HERE for video of Illumin8 performance of "Gimme Dat"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

South Dakota Women's Conference

My last post which was made a LONG time ago, asked you to pray for me as I spoke at a Women's conference in South Dakota. As I have long promised I'm finally able to make the many posts on my time up there and some other interesting things going on around here. First of all the conference took place just outside Interior, South Dakota at a stupendous Bed and Breakfast called "Circle View Guest Ranch". You MUST check out their website and if you are ever traveling the area, stop by and stay there! Amy's breakfast's are to die for and the view is breathtaking! I have several photos from there that I'll post at different times but here are just a couple of the lookout in the afternoon. Just wait till I post the sunrise pics!

Since I was a speaker (AND the daughter-in-law of the lady putting it on, lol) we arrived early before anyone else and helped get everything set up and ready. Getting there early also allowed me to have first choice of the rooms. It was so fun, I got to walk through every room and look at the features and then decide where I wanted to stay. I finally chose a smaller room with a HUGE COMFY King size bed with a view of the river below. It also had lots of bathroom counterspace a huge plus in my book! Here's a glance at a corner in my room where my hot green tea would be found later on as well as my bible and camera - all ready to catch a sunrise picture early the next morning!

After we were all settled in, the guests arrived and the conference got underway. The first night we gave a surprise baby shower for the owner of the B&B and also had an "box lunch" dinner exchange (you bring a boxed dinner and draw a number to see which one you get!) It's pretty fun. I stayed in a room with my cousin by marriage who is a freshman next year in high school and active in 4-H, so we have a TON in common! She loves taking photos too so she got to play around with my new toy of a camera - and I must say she has a great eye for it. She got some great and unique shots.
Anyways, the next day was my turn, which including three seperate speaking sessions: one before lunch and two after. They all went so smoothly, quickly and without effort. Not to mention I had a blast smearing a whole window with a half baked pancake! Yes I got permission and no I won't tell you why I did it! But it made for a great lesson. Here is a pic of me cooking the pancake.
So overall everything went awesome and God really moved on some of those women that weekend. I was able to create new friendships and grow in old friendships. I always have a blast in South Dakota and this one was no different. Thank you again for your prayers and I look forward to sharing more of my trip up there! Until next time...