Friday, May 11, 2012

"Summer Dreams" Bulletin Board Idea

 I came up with this bright and colorful Summer Dreams bulletin board idea for the end of the school year! I am currently working with toddlers while I get my education degree so I just asked them something they wanted to do and we talked all about summer and things we do in the summertime. It was fun to hear what some of these little toddlers said and I had to include a couple of them below:
 (Her dad is a motorcycle racer - so "Vroom-Vroom" is his motorcycle)
I just loved the Hulk one! Cracked me up! If you work with older kids you can make this bulletin board a writing assignment and have them complete the phrase of "My summer dream is..." Then post them around the fun fish and ocean cutouts or on the border as I did. I purchased all the ocean cutouts at our local Schoolhouse Store so I'm sure you can find a similar one if not the same one at any teacher supply store.

Just remember the year is almost over - so keep your sanity and know it's just a moment longer!!