Sunday, July 31, 2011

A stop on our journey...

Since my blog name is "A Walk in My Shoes", I figured I'd give you a literal walk in my shoes. Well okay not MY technical shoes but I WILL tell you all about a fun stop we took on my latest trip to New Mexico! One of my parents and I favorite spots to stop is Fredericksburg, TX. It's located in Hill Country and has SO many cute little shops on their downtown strip. It's blocks and blocks of fun shopping! It's tourist crazy in the summer so beware of summer weekends but if you hit it in the off-season it's not bad at all! Course if you don't mind crowds then who cares!

A couple days before we left my mom hopped on her iPad and made reservations at the Peach Tree Tea House. This is a quaint and DELICIOUS place to eat! We had a late reservation because of travelling and were starved and tired when we got there but my complaining ceased as soon as I tasted their food! It was WELL worth the wait.

Again this a highly popular place so I recommend making an online reservation if it's a weekend. But SO worth it! They also have an attached gift shop with home decor and a few other things that you can toodle around in while you wait for your table. It's located just one block off of the Main street.

The second place is a new clothing boutique shop I found called Hip Dingo! Don't care too much for their logo, however the clothes were very fashionable and trendy and SO well priced!

To make my point I bought this adorable summer dress there:

And it only cost me $30!! I know right?! Tell me that isn't a cute dress! (okay not really - I don't want to hear if you don't like it because then you'd burst my bubble!) But still lots of cute clothes including the blinged out pocket jeans similar to Miss Me brand! There are only 5 locations or something like that. I did find a website but I'm thinking it's brand new because hardly any clothes were really on it yet. However you can just click here, or on the logo above, to find it. Maybe they'll be adding things soon.

Last but not least (we were travelling THROUGH so we didn't have much time, sorry) was a kitchen store that we ALWAYS stop at! Literally we ALWAYS stop. Of course we are Italian and so cooking is a passion for us. So if you're Italian, or you just like cooking definitely stop in at Der Kuchen Laden! It has so many fun gadgets and pretty serving and prep dishes! This past trip I got a Le Creuset Grinding Stone for my mom's birthday, two crown shaped cookie cutters (one large, one small), a cow-print chocolate milk maker mug - I may have to post about this, it would make a GREAT gift for a little boy or girl - because it has a button on the handle that you push and it stirs up your chocolate milk! My kids LOVE IT! And then I also threw a Blender Bottle (those cool smoothies cups with a metal ball inside for mixing!!) and a fridge magnet that says"My Cup of Tea" (because I'm a daily tea drinker!)! Okay I'm rambling but it's a fun store - go check it out! Click on their logo below to see their website:

And I really need to be going but if you are spending some time there my mom would also highly recommend tasting some Becker Vineyards wine and definitely stopping to see the lavender fields at Wildseed Farms! Oh and who can forget some fresh peaches! (If it's peach season that is :) ) Happy traveling!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of my favorite APS

I feel like a well-worn traveler! This summer has been kind of crazy as I'm sure a lot of yours has as well and in the last month I have been home maybe 5 days. My first trip was the best: I spent two weeks in New Mexico (home) with my parents. We slept in, had big breakfasts on the back porch, went camping and played Scrabble among several other things. Oh and we took my new favorite trick photo - which I'll be sharing later! But first a story about our Scrabble games. You see both my parents are teachers, my dad even being an English teacher for some time, so Scrabble was something we always LOST at. And badly. Well thanks to technology and aps there is a new highly popular game called "Words with Friends". It is essentially Scrabble on your phone. You play against a friend who also has the ap, sending your turn to them to open up and play when they want. Since I have been playing this quite a bit this past year as soon as my mom (with her brand new iPad) asked me "know any good aps?" I immediately saw a grudge match in our future!

I showed her the game which she was excited about. It also has conversation or texting abilities inside the game for you to communicate with just in case you wanted to know that. However, I did challenge them to an old-fashioned Scrabble game. And guess what happened? I CREAMED 'em! Ha ha, what did you think I would say I lost? No way Jose! It was fun and of course my mom called for a rematch. Oh of which I won as well may I add, however it was a VERY close game second time around. Anyways, it was good times and if you are like my mom looking for fun aps, Words with Friends is a fun, challenging, and playful ap!