Sunday, October 7, 2012

7 Day Photo Challenge

So I readily admit I've tried the "Year in Photos" I think twice and I just can't keep up with it, as fun as it is at the time! But last month I was blog hopping and found this really cool photo challenge someone did that looked so fun that I couldn't resist trying it! Of course for my sake and sanity instead of doing it for a month (like she did on her blog) I'm only going to do one week. And it seemed fitting to start today because well, it's the first day here in Texas where everyone actually needed to wear a coat - all day - not just in the morning! So it feels fresh and cool and wonderful outside and I'm about to whip up hot cocoa for my kids who've been playing outside enjoying this weather and I'm also stuck on the computer for awhile editing photos.

So here is how it works:
 I'm going to come up with a crazy random list of words and each day I have to take a picture of that word or an interpretation of it! Such as if I put flower it could be a picture of a real flower or a flower on a teacup or even my daughter who is like my little flower! You see? No real rules except that it must SOMEHOW relate to the word! I'm excited and I hope you will join me but even if not I'll entertain myself for a week!

Here is my (when I say "my" I mean my husband and kid's list because I would think ahead and try to cheat by what I knew we were doing that day, lol) random list:

Sunday: Lego
Monday: Cup
Tuesday: Speaker
Wednesday: Pencil
Thursday: Cube
Friday: Work
Saturday: Leaf

I'm going to post this list on my fridge and take a photo of each "inspiration word" that day. I'll post them all next weekend! Let's see if I can do it! If you participate and want to leave a link to your blog post in the comments section - I'd love to come check out your photos!