Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning

It is Spring. Which by social commonality means you should be doing all those cleaning jobs that you only are required to do once a year. Such as clean out your closet, or organize your cupboards, or move your stove and suck up all the dust bunnies underneath! EEK!
However there was a pressing matter this year that desperately needed my attention and it became one of my many Spring Cleaning projects.

Okay do you see this filing organizer?

It wouldn't close. Not because I wasn't strong enough to force it together but literally it COULDN'T close. Why you may ask? Because this is holding three years of my paperwork! I know. That's bad. So I set out to make this right again.
Fresh file organizer - ONLY holding 2010 papers! YAY!! Which by the way - writing your own names for the tabs really helps cut down confusion between husband and wife of where something goes or is located. I highly recommend it!

And here is my big finale! After about an hour and a half I finally had them sorted out year by year. and yet what are those extra papers on the floor? Believe it or not they are from 2007-2005. How they got out of their proper filing and ended up in my current one is beyond me. But then again, these things happen when you commence Spring Cleaning.

AH. Feels good. So how bout you? What are you tackling this season??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 Free Month Trial of Netflix

My husband and I really enjoy our Netflix. Being pastors we don't make bu-cu money and so we have to plan our date nights sparingly. However Netflix does give us the chance and excuse to set aside a night or two a week where we pop some popcorn or scoop some Blue Bell and sit and cuddle together while enjoying a movie together. And for your sake I hope your relationship is like ours in the sense that afterwards we always start some conversation from the movie. Sometimes that conversation can be deep and lengthy while other times it is left at "wow that was a horrible movie. Score it a 1!"
If you have never tried Netflix before you choose your movies and also have the chance to rate your movies after watching them and from these ratings Netflix will recommend movies you should like. I say SHOULD because occasionally they are wrong, HOWEVER I can vouch that we watched some movies we absolutely LOVED and had never heard of nor would have ever watched. So it's not pointless.

Okay now to the point. Right now until June 15th Netflix is offering a one month free trial (and yes you can cancel AS SOON as the trial is up and pay nothing! So thought I'd let you in on that deal. I of course got a thing in the mail with this offer to share with friends - so I shared it with you. It comes with cards and Priority code numbers so I'm just going to share them with you on here in case they actually mean anything, lol. (Please check comments to see which ones have already been used)

Priority Code #1: M833284220105
Priority Code #2: M853214220045
Priority Code #3: M823254220025
Priority Code #4: M863224220035

This is what I'm asking you do IF YOU USE A CODE:

Please leave a comment telling us which priority code you have used. (this way people won't try entering it after it's already been used)

So what are you waiting for? It's a little less than $8 a month!!! To me that is far worth some relaxation time to enjoy a good movie!

Or some much needed cuddle time with my honey!
(and no, I'm not being paid to say this or endorse Netflix, lol. And no
that is NOT me and my honey pictured above.)

I just enjoy it and wanted to share that with you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cracker Chicken

I finally cooked one of my husband's absolutely favorite meals again the other day. And half way through making it realized I wanted to blog the recipe so I captured a few pictures! The recipe is for Cracker Chicken and is family-friendly! (No really, it is!) Here is how simple it is:


4 breasts of cooked chicken, diced
Can of Cream of Chicken
1/2 Tub of Sour Cream (about a cup, or cup and a half)
1 package of Ritz Crackers
1 stick of butter

Combine cooked diced chicken in bowl with sour cream and cream of chicken. Pour into 8x8 (or 9 x 13 if you double the recipe - serves 4 to 5).

Melt stick of butter completely. Place Ritz crackers in gallon size Ziploc bag and seal. Beat the crackers in the bag until they are completely crushed into crumbs. Pour crumbs into melted butter and mix.
Then sprinkle the butter/cracker mixture over top of chicken.

Use all of it, coating well. Then pop in 35o degree oven for 1 hour.

It will be nice and bubbly when done! ENJOY!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It has come at last...

About 38 minutes ago I had the first "I want to cut my own hair" experience with one of my children. It skipped by my first child thankfully but sure enough it had to happen. Here is the 3 year old culprit:

She is showing you the hair that she cut (thankfully that was it!!) and her look explains the talkin-to she got before the photo op. And here is the beautiful lock forever lost.
And where did this thought come from? Who is to blame?? THIS FOUL CREATURE:

Yes. Who knew a Chia Pet could be so dangerous! Seriously why don't they put THAT on the warning label? (I'm not serious, in case you are wondering.)

Teacher Appreciation Week Idea

It is Teacher Appreciation Week! In case you didn't know. Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 3rd-7th this year and as the school year is coming to a close is a wonderful time to show your gratitude for all the blood, sweat and tears your kid's teacher poured into their classrooms and students this year! I found this awesome idea I believe over at Skip To My Lou (it was either there or it was a link from there!) But either way Skip to my Lou has some good ideas!

So anyways here is what I did for my son's WONDERFUL teacher Ms. Lisa at Methodist Day School in Conroe, TX. (By the way if you live around here and want an incredible Pre-K teacher I HIGHLY recommend her!! And I should know good teachers - my parents were both teachers themselves *wink* *wink*)

We decorated her door as a huge thank you card-type thing! Since it is beautiful outside her door might as well reflect it too right?

Then bottom part was the "Blooms" and each flower has a kids name on it. Then the parents over the next couple days sign each flower (or by it, since some are small) so that it becomes a life-size thank you card!

You can also do a Hot Air Balloon and say "Ms. Lisa, you've made us soar!" and each patch on the hot air balloon can be a kid's name. Or a simple one (for the less-creative ones out there) Just make jagged circles and say "Ms. Lisa you ROCK!" And each rock is a kid's name! The ideas are endless! And you only have one day left - EEK! So show your appreciation this week, SOMEHOW!

Cuz they deserve it.