Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Homemade Essential Oil Soap with Oatmeal & Honey

A couple of weeks ago I received my first starter kit from Young Living Essential Oils. Now I'll be upfront with you - I'm in that category that absolutely believes God created all we need to heal ourselves and live healthy lives but hold a little skepticism towards these being "miracles in a bottle" as some tout them to be. We will see where God takes my new journey with the addition of EO (essential oils) in my family's life. With that being said I am crafty and a health nut (when life allows me to be) and so after reading and reading and reading on the EO's I had and what my family needed - ordered a few more supplies to "create" some great things for our household!! One of these things being soap. One, because I love my bath/ shower time and want the pampering bonus of oils... Two, because my husband is all cowboy and doesn't want me near him with my smelly oils but hey, the man has to bathe right?

So after a recommendation by Hannah to use a Castile base I got started with my daughter beside me (because she is crafty too and loves making things and trying things with her momma). We decided upon lavender and frankincense- two EO's that are GREAT for skin and frankincense is also said to help heal brain injury symptoms from concussions - which my husband has TERRIBLE ones. I also decided to add in ground oatmeal and honey - again amazing for your skin and thought the honey scent would be a nice subtle addition.

My daughter chopped our Castile base up into chunks and helped me microwave them at 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until nice and liquified.

Next we added a few pinches of oatmeal, drizzled in some honey (about a teaspoon) and then the EO's: 6 drops of lavender (I wanted the scent to dominate), 3 drops of frankincense, and 3 drops of copaiba.

Once it was all mixed well we poured into our molds... Which was an afterthought for me but again Hannah rescued me with a creative Pinterest find of using Legos as your mold! So yes, those are my son's Legos and because he was slightly concerned they are lined with wax paper. 

Not sure if the wax paper is necessary or not but it made it easy to get out afterwards. We also used an old butter container - which made a nice circle soap and attempted a small round mason jar and learned it was almost impossible to get out so I don't recommend that!!

Here were my results! We love the soap! My only warning is the Castile base is not a creamy soap so my husband isn't sure of the change from our more lotiony soaps. I plan on trying goats milk soap base to see if he would prefer it. Great soap though with a wonderful smell and GREAT benefits to skin and body!