Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gift in a Jar

Here is a cute and inexpensive gift idea:

1. Round up a large and a small mason jar (if you're like me they're in abundance around my house)

2. Buy inexpensive but cute little gifts you know your recipient will love and enjoy! Ideas include jewelry from Forever 21, tea bags, individual drink mixes, bookmarks, magnets, nail polish... Anything that will for through the top! (I used the wide lid for this reason)

3. Buy either a scarf or handkerchief to stuff halfway down and let the rest drape out the back of the jar. Fill it up with your goodies! 

4. Fill the small jar with a food item they love, be it healthy granola or M&M's or gum just something cheap but yummy!! 

5. All that's left is placing a sweet card in front of it and leaving for them to find!! (And yes flowers are optional but a nice touch don't you think?!)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Folder Magic!

Have you ever wished there was a better way to take last years names off of plastic folders so you can be resourceful and recycle but not have yucky looking tags over them or marker smudges all over?! Now you can!! And it's SO easy!

I started with a clean folder and wrote my name on it with sharpie marker to use as an example.

Step 1. Take an Expo Dry Erase marker (something every teacher has) and cover the name in its entirety.

Step 2. Next take a baby wipe...

And simply wipe the permanent marker name right off!! 

You seriously must try this - you feel like you just saw magic before your eyes!! It's looks completely new when you are done with no marker residue!! Now you can get many more years of use out of your folders, well until Johnny gets it and rips it in half. Enjoy!

Thought I should mention this only works on plastic folders. The glossy paper ones it will ony partially work but not as well.