Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking for color in a shade of grey...

I grew up as a very black and white person and I still have much of it in me. I don't like complicating things. I want to see them simple and I may even break them down until they are simple and concrete. It could have something to do with the fact that my brother is an amazing debater so we got into some debates growing up and breaking things down to simple arguments really helps when you want to prove a point! (sly grin)

However, when you grow up and live through things, or witness things that you just can't easily place into a category or easily argue for or against it but rather both you are left to face your black and white mentality. After leaving a hard counseling session a song came on the radio that the words FINALLY made sense to me. It was Shawn McDonalds' song, Closer, and the lyrics I am referring to are:

"Looking for color in a shade of grey"

I was like that's what I'm doing! I am looking how to easily define this or compartmentalize it. However I have to admit there are some things that can't fit easily into one category or another. We are complex human beings and are capable of both sides of the spectrum of things at times. My personality makes me want one color to define something however it's not so easily done. And in case you are lost and haven't followed my thoughts I'll give one vague example to make sure you're on the same page: A person who grew up rebellious and has done many horrible and wicked things in their life yet still shows signs of a good kind soul at times. And say maybe he/she has a life altering thing happen in their life and they leave behind the rebellious person. Can you define them as bad or good? Not really. Both coexist within him/her yet it's up to the individual of which comes out. 

Like I said a VAGUE example but I know you can plug in your own stories rich with detail and drama. Humans are never scarce of some drama no matter how bad we try to flee from it. I say all that to simply say it sure got me lost in thought and at the end I decided there really are some grey areas. We are too complex to understand in simple black and white and boxes. We don't all fit neatly and we are not supposed to. God designed us so uniquely and so diverse and that's what makes humans so incredible! We have anomalies and it makes us wonderful for them! Beauty isn't defined in black and white - it's a colorful array that includes colors we haven't seen or named before! God is an amazing Creator and I love being a student of His in this great life!