Sunday, August 31, 2008

Silent Sundays: Where I've been the last few days (written explanation to come later)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cyberspace is BAD on your grammar!

Another discovery I have made lately is that cyberspace is bad for my grammar. I grew up with both my parents as teachers and my dad being a high school English teacher. I was corrected constantly and was actually very grateful for it because my parents taught me to knwo how to sound and speak professionally. However when I log into the internet and start typing I go very quickly, abbreviate, use slang, among other internet jargon and find my writing full of grammar and spelling errors.

Now how is this when I can write an article and I'm going over it like 10 times before even printing a copy out to review again? Well it all came from emails and instant messanging. When you instant message someone is waiting on your reply. Your brain can process very quickly and you start circulating thoughts, words, and sentences before your fingers ever touch the keys thus creating a small rush inside of you bidding you to hurry up and get your thoughts out before they type something else! Right? I know you have been there!

So I am going to just make this clear I will try to not make too many mistakes on here but frankly I MAKE mistakes on cyberspace and DO NOT feel like going back over it. If I am emailing someone about a professional matter or am writing an article for the church newsletter I promise to make it grammatically correct to the best of my ability but on here and anywhere else online just forget it!

Now with that out of my brain I am letting you know that my husband and I are headed to a pastor's retreat for the weekend and I will be taking my computer but will have no internet connection so I will be gone for a short while. However I should be back on here by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

I just spent from 10: 00 am till 7:23 pm driving to San Antonio and BACK to make it to youth group on time to drop my children off at their uncle and aunt's house. They are watching them for us while we go fish, meet, and pray! Then they are coming back here to go to church with us this weekend AND THEN the in-laws come in on Monday! I could go on but I'll update you on my vigourous schedule as it comes. So goodnight and have a great few days! See you back in blogland in a few days!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Helping Hand

Today I was able to go to the house of our newest hired pastor and get to know his wife a little better and also help her unpack the last of her boxes and get her kitchen organized. It was so nice to finally get to visit with her a little and find out who she is and where she comes from. She has an INCREDIBLE story and has interesting things in her life. She has "Conversions Disorder" which is very similar to "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder". It was crazy hearing her life story and everything she has been through. This lady is incredibly strong and can cope with things with such ease compared to, well the majority of the population. I love hearing people's stories, because everyone has them. It really helps give you a perspective on the person.

I am again waiting for church to start since by the time we got done with unpacking it was only two hours until church would start and I didn't feel any need to drive ALL the way back home to simply turn around and drive right back. So we all came over and invaded the church office fridge, gulped down some leftover pizza, and now as I am sitting here blogging, our Director of Ministries popped his head in and invited me to his marriage class tonight instead since I ahve already heard the sermon for the week. He said it is the BEST part of the series and will be really good. So I believe I will walk my happy butt down to his class instead tonight.

Oh and I forgot I finally got to view Darla Weaver's (our Senior Pastor's wife) video testimony for her Acts of Grace ministry. She has an INCREDIBLE ministry to post-abortive and sexually abused women (and soon to be - men) and has helped several hurting women find healing, hope, and restoration. If you know anyone who has either been sexually abused or has had an abortion I strongly recommend checking out her ministry. The bible studies she does with these women always, I mean ALWAYS, results in completely different women (for better!!). Here is her ministry website:

This website is actually our church website but has the Acts of Grace information and contact info. as well. Well have a great Monday night!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

OOPS wrong website address

okay just kidding I thought I could remember the website obviously I was WAY off. Here is the correct address. Hope you check it out!

Oh I so have to make this fast!!

Hey like my title says I have to make this fast because I am actually at church right now. (so sorry for all the mispelling and grammar errors cuz I'm not going to have time to look this over. And don't worry I've already sat through one whole service so I'm not being bad but I had to come over to Nick's office and type up an info sheet for our Cross Fire Dance crew that we are starting today! I am so excited about this new part of our youth group and I want it to go SO right! Anyways yesterday I got to go scrapbooking and tried the digital scrapbook for the first time. I have been having some trouble with getting everything downloaded but was still able to sort and place all my photos into album project. I am doing a scrapbook of the missions trip our youth took this summer down to Monterrey Mexico and we are doing a digital one so parents can order their own copy if they would like one. (Such as the boys who don't take ANY pictures!) But it was SO incredibly fun I had a blast with this new program and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to scrapbook but doesn't want to actually cut and paste things into a book. They come out so professional and beautiful. I'm not sure how to put links on here yet so here is the website you'll need to check it out: www.kanderson/ Just click on "Digital" down at the bottom and check it out!
Oh and I have to brag one more time on my great hubby because he watched the kids all day and never texted or called about anything and when I got home he had picked up the house, organized the kids bedrooms (which get destroyed daily) and had plans for us to enjoy a movie again together that night as soon as he was home from his dinner at the church! Oh and how could I forget the GREATEST part...he did my FAVORITE thing for me after the movie was over and played his guitar for me on the end of our bed while I layed cozily under the covers drifting off to sleep! I love listening to him play and it was a perfect ending to a perfect day! So asta lavista to my "bad day" on Friday. God blessed me and cheered me up on Saturday. Well hope all is well with everyone. Let me know if you are into digi scrapbooking I'd love to talk bout it with ya! Toodles!

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Favorite" is overrated!

Since I am new to blog land I was reading some posts and realized a lot of people tell their story, or explain who they are and what they like to do, or they may simply write about things they like. This took my brain on a trip of trying to describe myself. Now I could tell you facts, such as where I grew up or what extracurricular activities I was involved in however that only allows you to skim the surface.

I had an Agricultural Education Teacher (FFA Advisor) that once told me "Ivy you're a jack of all trades but a master of none." Now he did not mean that as a compliment because he said it at the end of a conversation where he was very disappointed in me. i had not done anything wrong I just didn't do what HE wanted me to do. You see I was involved in everything! Well not chess club but I was involved in many things and I enjoy doing MILLIONS of things! When I am filling out surveys I HATE when they ask what is your favorite _________. I never can think of an answer because in many cases I do not have a favorite I just have several I would consider in the top ranking.

So I have officially decided that "favorite" is overrated. I love the water, skiing, jet skiing, fishing, camping, hiking, running, 4-H, FFA, rabbit hunting, shooting (riflery and archery), scrap booking, photography, dancing, rock-climbing...the list goes on and on and on. It is very true I enjoy WAY too many things although I love it because I have experienced more than many people ever will. And as for being a master of none, I'm fine with that because I don't want to force all my interest in just ONE direction. I like going and doing and things always changing. So will I ever post about who I am? Well not in entirety but I'm sure you will pick up pieces of me here and there, and since no two minds think alike you'll just have to come up with your own analysis of me from your point of view. Luckily for everyone here on earth there is always more than one point of view. Encouraging isn't it?

Not the best of days...

Well my sister in law informed me she is gonna kick my butt (or was it stay on my butt...hmm, owell ;) ) if I don't keep up with this.

Ok so I actually just wrote this enormously long post and then looked back at it and realized "wow you are angry and need to calm down, do you see that you are just complaining on here." So I highlighted the ENTIRE post and pushed delete. And since you now know I'm a bit hot right now I'm going to get my mind OFF the negative and be thankful for what I DO have and the bright side of life. So instead of telling you about my day (like I did before) I'm going to tell you about my wonderful night last night instead.

I had a rough, not too bad but not the most pleasant, evening dealing with my kids. I had babysat three lil girls of a friend of mine overnight and so my kids were tired and cranky (and frankly I was too). So Nick had gone that morning and rented a couple movies and got one just for me (chic flick) for us to watch together. Once seeing my evening he said to me "how bout we watch your movie tonight?" Then after the kids were bathed, teeth brushed, story was read, prayers were said, and dream land had come I was on the couch reading a magazine and Nick popped the movie in. He scooped me up a big bowl of my favorite ice cream chocolate chip cookie dough and we sat opposite each other on the couch so we could rub and tickle each other's feet during the movie. We watched Fool's Gold and laughed about how many times Matthew McConaughey gets hit in the head during the film! It was SO relaxing and just what I needed! We laughed and talked for a lil while after the show and then I finally went to bed as Nick stayed up a lil longer to watch the men's beach volleyball match at the Olympics.

It was so nice and moments like that do not come often enough, not because we don't want them but we let life get in our way. Now seeing how this day is unfolding I think we may purposely do a repeat of last night (minus the ice cream since we are out) since Nick (my husband) isn't feeling good and I'm stressed again.

Good news is...I have my monthly scrap booking crop tomorrow and will get the joyous break I need and get to joke around with and visit with my cropping gals almost ALL day! Can't wait!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

OH NO...not me on blogland!!

So I NEVER thought I would ever get sucked into blogging. I always thought "I have better things to do." However here I am with my own blog page. Scary thought. I am doing this mainly because I keep up with two blogs frequently and have had trouble signing which enables me to post back, so I thought if I create my own page SURELY I will have less trouble. So we will see if my plan will work and I suppose you will hear from me later...