Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh I so have to make this fast!!

Hey like my title says I have to make this fast because I am actually at church right now. (so sorry for all the mispelling and grammar errors cuz I'm not going to have time to look this over. And don't worry I've already sat through one whole service so I'm not being bad but I had to come over to Nick's office and type up an info sheet for our Cross Fire Dance crew that we are starting today! I am so excited about this new part of our youth group and I want it to go SO right! Anyways yesterday I got to go scrapbooking and tried the digital scrapbook for the first time. I have been having some trouble with getting everything downloaded but was still able to sort and place all my photos into album project. I am doing a scrapbook of the missions trip our youth took this summer down to Monterrey Mexico and we are doing a digital one so parents can order their own copy if they would like one. (Such as the boys who don't take ANY pictures!) But it was SO incredibly fun I had a blast with this new program and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to scrapbook but doesn't want to actually cut and paste things into a book. They come out so professional and beautiful. I'm not sure how to put links on here yet so here is the website you'll need to check it out: www.kanderson/ Just click on "Digital" down at the bottom and check it out!
Oh and I have to brag one more time on my great hubby because he watched the kids all day and never texted or called about anything and when I got home he had picked up the house, organized the kids bedrooms (which get destroyed daily) and had plans for us to enjoy a movie again together that night as soon as he was home from his dinner at the church! Oh and how could I forget the GREATEST part...he did my FAVORITE thing for me after the movie was over and played his guitar for me on the end of our bed while I layed cozily under the covers drifting off to sleep! I love listening to him play and it was a perfect ending to a perfect day! So asta lavista to my "bad day" on Friday. God blessed me and cheered me up on Saturday. Well hope all is well with everyone. Let me know if you are into digi scrapbooking I'd love to talk bout it with ya! Toodles!


Nate and Elizabeth said...

Nick is such a sweetheart! We sure married some good guys. I think we have our mother-in-law to thank for that. :)

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! I was feeling so sad for you lately with all the junk happening... I need to KEEP praying for you every moment I think of it...

poison_ivy777 said...

Thanks Libby YOU are such a sweetheart. And yes we have the two best guys in this world I'm convinced!
And sorry for spilling a lot of my "junk" on you lately. But when you can't really talk to anyone about it, it all comes spewing out when you least expect it. Thanks for being there for me and listening though. You have been incredibly encouraging!