Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cyberspace is BAD on your grammar!

Another discovery I have made lately is that cyberspace is bad for my grammar. I grew up with both my parents as teachers and my dad being a high school English teacher. I was corrected constantly and was actually very grateful for it because my parents taught me to knwo how to sound and speak professionally. However when I log into the internet and start typing I go very quickly, abbreviate, use slang, among other internet jargon and find my writing full of grammar and spelling errors.

Now how is this when I can write an article and I'm going over it like 10 times before even printing a copy out to review again? Well it all came from emails and instant messanging. When you instant message someone is waiting on your reply. Your brain can process very quickly and you start circulating thoughts, words, and sentences before your fingers ever touch the keys thus creating a small rush inside of you bidding you to hurry up and get your thoughts out before they type something else! Right? I know you have been there!

So I am going to just make this clear I will try to not make too many mistakes on here but frankly I MAKE mistakes on cyberspace and DO NOT feel like going back over it. If I am emailing someone about a professional matter or am writing an article for the church newsletter I promise to make it grammatically correct to the best of my ability but on here and anywhere else online just forget it!

Now with that out of my brain I am letting you know that my husband and I are headed to a pastor's retreat for the weekend and I will be taking my computer but will have no internet connection so I will be gone for a short while. However I should be back on here by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

I just spent from 10: 00 am till 7:23 pm driving to San Antonio and BACK to make it to youth group on time to drop my children off at their uncle and aunt's house. They are watching them for us while we go fish, meet, and pray! Then they are coming back here to go to church with us this weekend AND THEN the in-laws come in on Monday! I could go on but I'll update you on my vigourous schedule as it comes. So goodnight and have a great few days! See you back in blogland in a few days!