Friday, August 22, 2008

Not the best of days...

Well my sister in law informed me she is gonna kick my butt (or was it stay on my butt...hmm, owell ;) ) if I don't keep up with this.

Ok so I actually just wrote this enormously long post and then looked back at it and realized "wow you are angry and need to calm down, do you see that you are just complaining on here." So I highlighted the ENTIRE post and pushed delete. And since you now know I'm a bit hot right now I'm going to get my mind OFF the negative and be thankful for what I DO have and the bright side of life. So instead of telling you about my day (like I did before) I'm going to tell you about my wonderful night last night instead.

I had a rough, not too bad but not the most pleasant, evening dealing with my kids. I had babysat three lil girls of a friend of mine overnight and so my kids were tired and cranky (and frankly I was too). So Nick had gone that morning and rented a couple movies and got one just for me (chic flick) for us to watch together. Once seeing my evening he said to me "how bout we watch your movie tonight?" Then after the kids were bathed, teeth brushed, story was read, prayers were said, and dream land had come I was on the couch reading a magazine and Nick popped the movie in. He scooped me up a big bowl of my favorite ice cream chocolate chip cookie dough and we sat opposite each other on the couch so we could rub and tickle each other's feet during the movie. We watched Fool's Gold and laughed about how many times Matthew McConaughey gets hit in the head during the film! It was SO relaxing and just what I needed! We laughed and talked for a lil while after the show and then I finally went to bed as Nick stayed up a lil longer to watch the men's beach volleyball match at the Olympics.

It was so nice and moments like that do not come often enough, not because we don't want them but we let life get in our way. Now seeing how this day is unfolding I think we may purposely do a repeat of last night (minus the ice cream since we are out) since Nick (my husband) isn't feeling good and I'm stressed again.

Good news is...I have my monthly scrap booking crop tomorrow and will get the joyous break I need and get to joke around with and visit with my cropping gals almost ALL day! Can't wait!