Monday, March 5, 2012

Valentine's Ideas

Yes I realize it is March. Yes I realize Valentine's was almost a month ago but if I tried to save these cute ideas we did until next year JUST to post them BEFORE the holiday then I'd forget. Trust me I would. I'm like that. So I thought I'll post them now and YOU can try to save the idea somewhere until next year! Cruel aren't I?

First I had to share this picture of my daughter in her preschool class. They do the classic Ice-Cream party where you collect every imaginable horribly sweet junk food you can find and let the kids make their own sundaes!

This is not for the faint of heart I will warn. Huge amounts of sugar are sure to be devoured by your little one! You've been warned.

As for my class with my energetic 2 year old's I started the morning with heart shaving cream trays!Just make hearts with your shaving cream and place a plastic car beside it for them to vroom around in it with and get nice and messy! And believe it or not when the two year old's had the trays versus putting the shaving cream directly on the table (which I'm known to do at times) they did keep it pretty well contained to their tray and their space. This even helped keep it off their clothes a little more! Huge accomplishment in my eyes.
We read lots of cute books which I really should have taken a picture of but I remember one was Corduroy's Valentine's Day and another one was Elmo's Fuzzy Valentine. Cute books and age appropriate. And we did too much art to explain but the one I wanted to share was this VERY simple idea for a card from your little one:
Make their hand prints where their thumbs face down and their pointer fingers almost touch and you will have a heart shape in the middle!! I glued a heart in the space to make sure the parents saw the heart shape. This would be easy to do for grandparents or aunts and uncles and pop it in the mail. This was a SIMPLE version but you could really jazz it up some and make it look even nicer. Happy crafting!