Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peter Pan & Dating

Our Associate Youth Pastor that is our true right hand girl and is there for anything and everything we need her for is also an amazing preacher! This girl has a gift to turn simple everyday concepts and relate them to people that explain spiritual concepts. It is awesome listening to her speak because I have yet to ever turn away empty handed!

The other day she made a post on a Face Book page that is for a group out of our church for young women that she is also a part of. It was SO good that my husband shared it on his Face Book and I got permission to share it here. You won't be disappointed. So with no further ado here is Peter Pan and Dating:

While watching Peter Pan at work today, a little girl says to me "Mrs. Tayler it looks like they are falling in love" lol. Proof that kids see more than we think! But I had never thought of Peter Pan as a love story until she said that. I grew up watching these stories such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and those I know are love stories! There's Cinderella the girl who is overlooked and mistreated until Mr. Right comes in and places value on her. There's Belle the girl who was woman enough to tame the Beast, and Jasmine who fell in love with the man who showed her adventure and fought to protect her at the same time! But in actuality those stories rarely happen in real life, but Peter Pan... this I see often! Girls all over the world have or have had a Peter Pan! It's the boy who never wants to grow up, and the girl who just wants commitment! Sound familiar? I love how Wendy being so caught up in the charm of Peter follows him all the way to Neverland. For the first few days she loves it! It's adventurous, it's exciting, it's magical, but she quickly realizes this is all it will ever be. She tries to see the beauty of Neverland and forget the things shes missing at home, but she begins to understand that those things, those desires, are embedded in who she is! So as hard as it may be for her to leave Peter, Wendy decides her life is not in Neverland. So she returns to her home, and her family a little wiser than before, and knowing better what she values in life and in boys! 
Beware of the Pan! Know what you want out of life and men before following them to Neverland! They may love you, they may excite you, and they may even need you, but remember Peter's motive for Wendy coming to Neverland was self centered. He needed a "mom", you'll find most Peters don't want to grow up, but don't want to be lonely either. Before you follow your man's lead, make sure you know and like where he's leading you!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Easy Home Makeover Project

 Do you see this chair?
Wait let me show you again...
Is that not the grossest chair cushion you have ever beheld?
Should I be in mom and wife jail for allowing these to actually reside in my household. Yes. Yes I should. But sadly it's the truth. But before you pass judgement let me plead my case: I have TODDLERS!
I think the jury just made an understanding "OHHHH" and passed their verdict of "Not guilty".
This is what I imagine anyways.

So how do I change this horrid sight? By smashing the cushions right out of there!
Well, not quite but you do start by removing the cushions whether this requires unscrewing or popping them out.
 Next go to the wonderful land of Hobby Lobby (or other favorite home decor shop) and select your material. I JUST happened to pick a material with built in stain resistant!! SCORE!!
If you have small children, or have kids visit ANY time of the year I highly suggest this type of material! It can only mean good things.

Second, cut and center your fabric the way you like. I had to make this as easy as possible so I picked a random design material that was easy to eyeball. Place the material face down on a flat hard working surface and then place your cushion face down as well on top of your fabric.
When it's squared up the way you like it start with the back edge and pull the fabric up and around to the backside. Then get out your biggest meanest staple gun and go to town!
 I found it easiest to do the back, then the sides and finish with the front. Make sure the entire time to always pull the fabric VERY tightly before beginning to staple. This will ensure it won't bunch up once some behinds have well, stretched them.
Again, I mean staple away literally, you want a tight hold on this fabric, do not give it a reason to lose it's tight fit. 
 As for the corners...there is no easy way and it's seriously hard to describe how I did it on here but the best effort at it is to fold straight up at first and stop stapling a couple inches from the side. Then pull the fabric tight to avoid a crease allowing your fabric to go over the side ends and put one or two staples to hold. Then pull the overage fabric back towards the center and pull tight again to pull what little crease is there out. again that is my best EFFORT and I realize I may be talking gibberish to some, or all, of you. Again sorry. I tried.
And oh what a sight it was to behold!
 Isn't that a far cry from my pathetic stained cushions before! Talk about a makeover! It made my table look amazing! And I LOVE the random alphabet letters all in different sizes!
Now if only my chairs were a dark espresso color to go with my awesome new cushions!! But what am I kidding, that's for another day. Okay, okay, for another year. But at least the thought is there for now! Happy Summer Projects to you!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day everybody! I snapped this picture last year out of the backseat of my parents truck as we were headed to my cousin's wedding in Idaho. It's not your typical fireworks but I'm reminded on this day that I have the privilege to enjoy beautiful landscapes like this one because men and women have paid the price to KEEP our freedom. I do NOT take it lightly. My brother is celebrating his 4th of July on his Army post as I type. My brother and every other soldier is a hero and deserves our thanks.

So hope you go out and enjoy that freedom today! And in case you are like us this year and actually don't have every second of your day planned this year (sad as it is) here's some cute and delicious 4th of July treats for you to try out:

1. Blueberry Yogurt Waffles
2. Red, White, & Blue Funfetti Cookie Sandwiches

You'll find both over at Two Peas and Their Pod blog. One of my favorite food blogs out there!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A stress-free 4th of July with KIDS!

Last year for 4th of July I was at my parents house and arriving just a day or two before we were still pretty road weary and didn't want to be out and about all day long. So I hit the blogs searching for some kid-friendly fun to enjoy our day and make it memorable for the kiddos. Here is what I found:

1. Get in the kitchen with them!

Nothing seems more American or more KID than a traditional cupcake! So we got some cake mix (and buttermilk because it makes them SOOO much better that way) and made some good ole Vanilla Cupcakes.
 The kids had the most fun when we turned them lose with the red and blue sugar sprinkles! Yes, turn them lose - when else can they have total control in the kitchen and make a big mess besides 4th of July (and maybe Christmas)?

Even with no control they did a really good job! Look at these beautiful red white and blue cupcakes!

Next we made these awesome Red White and Blue Covered Strawberries!!
Step 1: Cover strawberries with White Chocolate (dip them in melted baking white chocolate)
Step 2: Dip the very end into blue sugar sprinkles.
 And just like that you have Red, white and Blue Strawberries! Aren't they cute?!

I highly recommend putting the strawberries in the fridge and letting the chocolate harden before attempting to take a picture of them. Your warm hand is not a good combo with the non-refrigerated chocolate!

2. CRAFTS! Free printable crafts may I add!

We started with cutting squares out of regular old computer paper and I had the kids color both sides, patriotically of course. Then you cut in from each corner stopping about an inch from the center.
 Next you fold in the corners and secure them all with a push pin into a pencil eraser. If you've never made them just search for easy pin-wheel instructions! They are a piece of cake!

 3. Firework Safety Fun

This one was my favorite BY FAR!! I found this handy tip on one of my many blogs (it was a year ago & I don't remember which one, otherwise I'd love to give them a shout-out!) But before handing sparklers to all the youngsters this year first stick the end of it into a playdoh can (yes with play-doh inside)

 It keeps their hands safe from flying sparks and makes them a bit more brave too to handle the fiery stick!!

Isn't that the greatest thing??!?! I loved it - I was always scared of them as a kid and usually screamed the whole time I played with them! I even tried the play-doh can out - it was fantastic!

4. Fireworks

Okay really, whether you go watch a show or set a few off yourself (or both like we did!) you HAVE to let your kids see SOME type of fireworks on 4th of July. It's just necessary okay?

Happy 4th of July! And the biggest thank you to all the soldiers past and present that allowed this day of celebration to exist! I'm eternally grateful.