Thursday, July 12, 2012

Easy Home Makeover Project

 Do you see this chair?
Wait let me show you again...
Is that not the grossest chair cushion you have ever beheld?
Should I be in mom and wife jail for allowing these to actually reside in my household. Yes. Yes I should. But sadly it's the truth. But before you pass judgement let me plead my case: I have TODDLERS!
I think the jury just made an understanding "OHHHH" and passed their verdict of "Not guilty".
This is what I imagine anyways.

So how do I change this horrid sight? By smashing the cushions right out of there!
Well, not quite but you do start by removing the cushions whether this requires unscrewing or popping them out.
 Next go to the wonderful land of Hobby Lobby (or other favorite home decor shop) and select your material. I JUST happened to pick a material with built in stain resistant!! SCORE!!
If you have small children, or have kids visit ANY time of the year I highly suggest this type of material! It can only mean good things.

Second, cut and center your fabric the way you like. I had to make this as easy as possible so I picked a random design material that was easy to eyeball. Place the material face down on a flat hard working surface and then place your cushion face down as well on top of your fabric.
When it's squared up the way you like it start with the back edge and pull the fabric up and around to the backside. Then get out your biggest meanest staple gun and go to town!
 I found it easiest to do the back, then the sides and finish with the front. Make sure the entire time to always pull the fabric VERY tightly before beginning to staple. This will ensure it won't bunch up once some behinds have well, stretched them.
Again, I mean staple away literally, you want a tight hold on this fabric, do not give it a reason to lose it's tight fit. 
 As for the corners...there is no easy way and it's seriously hard to describe how I did it on here but the best effort at it is to fold straight up at first and stop stapling a couple inches from the side. Then pull the fabric tight to avoid a crease allowing your fabric to go over the side ends and put one or two staples to hold. Then pull the overage fabric back towards the center and pull tight again to pull what little crease is there out. again that is my best EFFORT and I realize I may be talking gibberish to some, or all, of you. Again sorry. I tried.
And oh what a sight it was to behold!
 Isn't that a far cry from my pathetic stained cushions before! Talk about a makeover! It made my table look amazing! And I LOVE the random alphabet letters all in different sizes!
Now if only my chairs were a dark espresso color to go with my awesome new cushions!! But what am I kidding, that's for another day. Okay, okay, for another year. But at least the thought is there for now! Happy Summer Projects to you!


sister sheri said...

Love that fabric! Looking forward to the tutorial on painting them espresso!

poison_ivy777 said...

Hey Sister Sheri! It may be awhile but I will definitely post it when I get around to it!