Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Peter Pan & Dating

Our Associate Youth Pastor that is our true right hand girl and is there for anything and everything we need her for is also an amazing preacher! This girl has a gift to turn simple everyday concepts and relate them to people that explain spiritual concepts. It is awesome listening to her speak because I have yet to ever turn away empty handed!

The other day she made a post on a Face Book page that is for a group out of our church for young women that she is also a part of. It was SO good that my husband shared it on his Face Book and I got permission to share it here. You won't be disappointed. So with no further ado here is Peter Pan and Dating:

While watching Peter Pan at work today, a little girl says to me "Mrs. Tayler it looks like they are falling in love" lol. Proof that kids see more than we think! But I had never thought of Peter Pan as a love story until she said that. I grew up watching these stories such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and those I know are love stories! There's Cinderella the girl who is overlooked and mistreated until Mr. Right comes in and places value on her. There's Belle the girl who was woman enough to tame the Beast, and Jasmine who fell in love with the man who showed her adventure and fought to protect her at the same time! But in actuality those stories rarely happen in real life, but Peter Pan... this I see often! Girls all over the world have or have had a Peter Pan! It's the boy who never wants to grow up, and the girl who just wants commitment! Sound familiar? I love how Wendy being so caught up in the charm of Peter follows him all the way to Neverland. For the first few days she loves it! It's adventurous, it's exciting, it's magical, but she quickly realizes this is all it will ever be. She tries to see the beauty of Neverland and forget the things shes missing at home, but she begins to understand that those things, those desires, are embedded in who she is! So as hard as it may be for her to leave Peter, Wendy decides her life is not in Neverland. So she returns to her home, and her family a little wiser than before, and knowing better what she values in life and in boys! 
Beware of the Pan! Know what you want out of life and men before following them to Neverland! They may love you, they may excite you, and they may even need you, but remember Peter's motive for Wendy coming to Neverland was self centered. He needed a "mom", you'll find most Peters don't want to grow up, but don't want to be lonely either. Before you follow your man's lead, make sure you know and like where he's leading you!