Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A stress-free 4th of July with KIDS!

Last year for 4th of July I was at my parents house and arriving just a day or two before we were still pretty road weary and didn't want to be out and about all day long. So I hit the blogs searching for some kid-friendly fun to enjoy our day and make it memorable for the kiddos. Here is what I found:

1. Get in the kitchen with them!

Nothing seems more American or more KID than a traditional cupcake! So we got some cake mix (and buttermilk because it makes them SOOO much better that way) and made some good ole Vanilla Cupcakes.
 The kids had the most fun when we turned them lose with the red and blue sugar sprinkles! Yes, turn them lose - when else can they have total control in the kitchen and make a big mess besides 4th of July (and maybe Christmas)?

Even with no control they did a really good job! Look at these beautiful red white and blue cupcakes!

Next we made these awesome Red White and Blue Covered Strawberries!!
Step 1: Cover strawberries with White Chocolate (dip them in melted baking white chocolate)
Step 2: Dip the very end into blue sugar sprinkles.
 And just like that you have Red, white and Blue Strawberries! Aren't they cute?!

I highly recommend putting the strawberries in the fridge and letting the chocolate harden before attempting to take a picture of them. Your warm hand is not a good combo with the non-refrigerated chocolate!

2. CRAFTS! Free printable crafts may I add!

We started with cutting squares out of regular old computer paper and I had the kids color both sides, patriotically of course. Then you cut in from each corner stopping about an inch from the center.
 Next you fold in the corners and secure them all with a push pin into a pencil eraser. If you've never made them just search for easy pin-wheel instructions! They are a piece of cake!

 3. Firework Safety Fun

This one was my favorite BY FAR!! I found this handy tip on one of my many blogs (it was a year ago & I don't remember which one, otherwise I'd love to give them a shout-out!) But before handing sparklers to all the youngsters this year first stick the end of it into a playdoh can (yes with play-doh inside)

 It keeps their hands safe from flying sparks and makes them a bit more brave too to handle the fiery stick!!

Isn't that the greatest thing??!?! I loved it - I was always scared of them as a kid and usually screamed the whole time I played with them! I even tried the play-doh can out - it was fantastic!

4. Fireworks

Okay really, whether you go watch a show or set a few off yourself (or both like we did!) you HAVE to let your kids see SOME type of fireworks on 4th of July. It's just necessary okay?

Happy 4th of July! And the biggest thank you to all the soldiers past and present that allowed this day of celebration to exist! I'm eternally grateful.