Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Accomplishments

Now after looking at all those wonderful pictures of the retreat location it'd be nice to show you I did actually get something DONE!! So I'm going to share just a couple of the pages I completed. First of all I completed start to finish my baby girl's 1st Birthday 8x8 album. It is SO cute and was a Princess birthday. And as I started this post I asked myself: "Why don't I have a picture of the album for this post?" My answer: no clue. Sorry.

But when I was done with that project I moved on to a BIG project: my FFA album. I was in FFA throughout high school and since I love photography have WAY too many pictures for my own good! So I started in on that massive album, which will be in a Creative Memories 12 x 12 album.

Here was one of my favorite double page layouts from the FFA album thus far:

I'm also realizing these are pathetic pictures and don't show the details such as that tiny strip of black paper on the 2nd page is folded like an accordion - or that the title square on the 1st page is a shiny metallic "F". Guess I'm already owing you one with this post but at least you'll get the idea right?
This was a close second because it was fun to make these little arrows on the Cricut (which if you are a scrapbooker and have not tried one -you MUST!!!) and put #1, 2 and 3 like a kids page! Hehe it was fun!

This was our camp group photo - so I decided to whip out all my scraps to create a funky background for it.

Now these next two are from my hubby and mine's "Dating Album" but I didn't take very many of the other albums (none of the birthday one) so I picked a couple of my fave pages and randomly stuck them in here too!
This was my husband's bull riding group at a Jr. Rodeo Bible Camp of which he was the Bull riding instructor. These lil guys were adorable and since I didn't enlarge the group photo needed some pizazz to make the page special. I'm a fan of the swirly's so they won out!

Here is a good scrapbook idea - that journaling box on the previous picture - see how it's worn out looking on the edges? Take a nail file and file the edges of a paper you're using to give it the natural "worn" look. Makes GREAT pages!

And this page was especially fun because it was the first time I purposefully crumpled a scrapbook paper! See the heart? I crumpled it to pieces, then flattened it back out. Gives the page some texture and depth to it.
Happy Scrapping!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Part 3: The Graveyard

Now I already know what you are thinking, or should I say asking? "Graveyard? I thought we were talking about scrapbook retreat? Well it just so happens that I have not totally lost my mind yet although that is questioned on a regular basis - but a graveyard lies just at the top of the hill next to this Round Top Inn. AND it is the best place to watch the sunset!

Isn't it beautiful?! It is a small yet OLD German graveyard.
THIS is what sits below the graveyard - a huge open plain. Gorgeous.

This is my favorite tombstone and is all I can imagine is these were wealthy loggers. I mean why else would you have a tombstone like that?! But it is COOL!

Here is the main log, I mean tombstone. Well no I mean log. It belongs to Theodor Michaelis, 1825-1889.

Here is the one that lies beside it.

Yes I put this picture in twice on accident but LEFT it purposely - just cuz I can!

And this is a glimpse of what it begins to look like at dusk.

Can you picture it in real living color?

In case you couldn't I helped you out a bit.

Scrapbook Retreat Part 2: The Lodging

Mademoiselle, Miser, may I welcome you to Round Top Inn in Round Top, Texas.

This is the grand scrapbook retreat location! They specialize in accommodating special groups such as scrapbookers and quilters. You arrive to long tables set up with individual table lamps at each "station" and all covered in butcher paper so you can doodle to your hearts content to get your creative juices going!
The property is divided as such: There is a "Main House" that accommodates 8 people. Two in the MAIN bedroom which has the oh so comfy down everything bedding and a porcelain stand-up antique tub, which yes, was heavenly! And upstairs has three more rooms of which the remaining 6 people lodge and yes they have their own bathroom upstairs! Pros of the "Main House" are that you eat, sleep, and scrap all in the same place. You even eat your meals 30 minutes before the "others" because this is where the food is prepared. It is also a smaller group so if you like a bit quieter environment this is the place for you! Cons: you have to smell the food the entire time it's being COOKED! ah the torture!
Second, there is a "Big Room" where you can fit up to 15 people I believe. It has an attached small kitchen and bathroom. If you are part of this larger group your lodgings consist of smaller houses or get-aways. There are 4 separate smaller houses which are just bedroom/bathroom combinations and downstairs to what they refer to as "The Bunkhouse" is the dining room where the big group eats. Pros of Big Group: you get to have a grand ole time chatting and singing and joking with tons of ladies, you don't smell the food or hear or see anyone else to distract you, and it has large windows in this room to enjoy the view of the Longhorns ranch across the street. Cons: you walk to where you sleep, and you walk to where you eat. Which isn't cool if it's cool. Both places are always STOCKED with snacks and treats, coffee, tea and water. They keep you spoiled in other words!

This quaint sitting bench area is right outside the Big Room.

This is one of the houses - well the inviting porch anyways!

Okay I must stop here because I'm in LOVE with this big bowl!!! If you have one - I want to know where you got it! Seriously! But as you can tell they cook with a lot of fruits and veggies and am I ever so glad - did I mention they cook you ALL 3 meals plus dessert at night??!?! I know right!

Here is my beautiful mother and I enjoying the breeze on the porch outside the "Main House" which is where we stayed this time. (and yes I'm wearing a bandanna - but there is lots you don't know about me still, don't worry) Oh and yes again, my mom and I are wearing the same shoes.

This is me in my kitchen. Okay, me in my dream kitchen. I can't lie.

Mima is bout to make up some grub! Or maybe just eat it and let someone else clean it up too! Hehe so bad - but she so deserved it!
That's all folks - I know your sad but you truly must visit this place in the flesh to experience it. Cuz all the blogging in the world can't really take you there. So go!

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming...

I know I haven't even made it to part 2 yet and I've changed the subject?! But hold on let me explain before you get all huffy. I am without my hubby tonight - yesterday got a HORRID haircut of which I had to frantically call a good friend to fix today and without spilling ALL of my day to you just know I need some good humor now! My kids are in bed, the house is at last quiet, I have my hot cocoa almost finished and needed to do a fun post, let me repeat, NEEDED to do a fun post! So here we go:

10 Random Facts:

1. I love Mrs. Meyer's cleaners
2. My house desperately needs dusted
3. My son peed on my shower curtain tonight...yes on purpose. Don't ask.
4. I watched Sisterhood of the travelling pants last night. And cried. (can't believe I admitted it)
5. Best line ever on "The Marriage Ref": Well let's just think about it, and then do it my way. (hehe, quoted from a wife while speaking to her hubby)
6. There is a gemstone globe on my desk right now I got as a gift when I graduated.
7. I have left my ironing board in the middle of my living room in hopes that I will finally get annoyed of it being in my way and finish my ironing. (remember these are facts!)
8. I'm thinking about doing a workout called "Insanity". (haha think I'm "insane"?, hehe I crack myself up!)
9. I have a U.S. Census paper on my glass table.
10. My husband dislocated his wrist, get this...while preaching! Yep. He did. How you may ask? Ah now that's a story for another post my friend!

Thank you ladies and Gentlemen we will now return to your regular scheduled program.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Part 1: The Town

At the very end of February my mom flew over to Texas so she and I could go to Kathy Anderson's, Creative Memories Unit Leader & Consultant, scrapbook retreat in Round Top, Texas. We had an absolute blast! It was gorgeous spring weather with the nights still cool and we stayed in "the House" and were blessed to have the MAIN ROOM of the House! It was FAN-TA-BU-LUS! We are talking HUGE king size bed with the comfiest bedding, antique porcelain bathtub which allowed for some great soaking after our massages (oh yes, Kathy brings out a masseuse!), and the quaintest vanity. But to move away from talking so much about the bathroom, I'd like to take you on a journey of our weekend through 3 separate posts. And they are actually in the exact order I took the pictures! We first start with a walk my mom and I took right before lunch on Saturday. We chose to go into downtown so I could take my camera along and snap pics of the local scene. This town is so...what's a good word...unique. It has loads of character and is a photographer's dream! Although our walk was a lot of stopping instead of walking, lol. Anyways let me show you around:

This was a building right by our Bed and Breakfast and I LOVED the sign! HOW I ROLL!
Everything about this town was antique and had a lot of heritage to it.

OOH I fell in love with the wooden water fountain. If that ain't vintage I don't know what is!

Famous for their fudge. And it's good - I've had some!

Can you tell cool signs and unique things jump out at me. Or maybe I should just say weird things.
No sadly we didn't get to explore the inside of the pub - but mainly because our Bed and Breakfast serves us all 3 delicious meals plus dessert and snacks!

This was a very fun shopping square!

I really liked the mixture of old with new on this fountain. So modern yet so old-timey cowboy too.

This actually reminded me of a building that used to set behind my grandpa's house.

What I thought was just a long store name - "Crazy Emma's Cowgirl Junkies" turned out to be two stores - "Crazy Emma's" and "Cowgirl Junkies" both of which had cute stuff in it!
Now don't you just want to come visit Round Top?? If you are a traveler and don't mind crowds at the end of March and beginning of April right here in Round Top is one of the largest (maybe the largest but I don't know) Antique Shows EVER! Antique junkies from ALL over come in and set up shop for the biggest antique farmer's market type deal! I've heard it's a blast and you can find GREAT stuff - I plan on going one of these years!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lemon Cakes

I lied. I know, it's wrong. However I would like to make this entire post and then at the end explain to you why I lied. And honestly I think you will agree. Yes I am justifying my sin. Just go with it for a second, it will make me feel better.

Okay to my post which is titled "Lemon Cakes". I have done WAY to much food blog-hopping lately which has resulted in a couple pounds added to my weight, as well as an explosion on my taste buds! We are talking GOOD STUFF here. I posted on my beef stew and Rosemary Dinner Rolls. A couple other things I have experimented with have been Orange Julius', Oreo & White Chocolate Chip Brownies, and...yes there were more but there was enough sugar in the last two to spare you the rest of my list. Ooh I did balance out with trying Steel Cut Oats! Which I highly recommend also! (They are also referred to as Irish oats which I found fitting with St. Patrick's Day next week) But one experiment was these "Lemon Cakes". They were SO yummy and delicious and you make them in a very unique way which is what caught my attention in the first place. With no further ado...

And I honestly planned on having the entire recipe right HERE for you to print out but my computer is playing ornery with me so instead I have a link to the blog Pioneer Woman that I got it from. It's actually cool because she gives a step by step with a picture per step for you! So go over there and TRY it! It's worth it! (Either link will take you straight to the cakes)

Okay now if you went to the link before reading the rest of this post you may have already figured out my lie. They are NOT called Lemon Cakes. Yet my argument is they should be. The name they have makes them sounds awful and NOT inviting and as yummy as these things are they SO DESERVE a yummy sounding name! These unique cakes are made with olive oil and so their true name is Olive Oil Cakes w/ Lemon and Thyme. Okay. Do you see my point? Nuff said.