Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Part 1: The Town

At the very end of February my mom flew over to Texas so she and I could go to Kathy Anderson's, Creative Memories Unit Leader & Consultant, scrapbook retreat in Round Top, Texas. We had an absolute blast! It was gorgeous spring weather with the nights still cool and we stayed in "the House" and were blessed to have the MAIN ROOM of the House! It was FAN-TA-BU-LUS! We are talking HUGE king size bed with the comfiest bedding, antique porcelain bathtub which allowed for some great soaking after our massages (oh yes, Kathy brings out a masseuse!), and the quaintest vanity. But to move away from talking so much about the bathroom, I'd like to take you on a journey of our weekend through 3 separate posts. And they are actually in the exact order I took the pictures! We first start with a walk my mom and I took right before lunch on Saturday. We chose to go into downtown so I could take my camera along and snap pics of the local scene. This town is so...what's a good word...unique. It has loads of character and is a photographer's dream! Although our walk was a lot of stopping instead of walking, lol. Anyways let me show you around:

This was a building right by our Bed and Breakfast and I LOVED the sign! HOW I ROLL!
Everything about this town was antique and had a lot of heritage to it.

OOH I fell in love with the wooden water fountain. If that ain't vintage I don't know what is!

Famous for their fudge. And it's good - I've had some!

Can you tell cool signs and unique things jump out at me. Or maybe I should just say weird things.
No sadly we didn't get to explore the inside of the pub - but mainly because our Bed and Breakfast serves us all 3 delicious meals plus dessert and snacks!

This was a very fun shopping square!

I really liked the mixture of old with new on this fountain. So modern yet so old-timey cowboy too.

This actually reminded me of a building that used to set behind my grandpa's house.

What I thought was just a long store name - "Crazy Emma's Cowgirl Junkies" turned out to be two stores - "Crazy Emma's" and "Cowgirl Junkies" both of which had cute stuff in it!
Now don't you just want to come visit Round Top?? If you are a traveler and don't mind crowds at the end of March and beginning of April right here in Round Top is one of the largest (maybe the largest but I don't know) Antique Shows EVER! Antique junkies from ALL over come in and set up shop for the biggest antique farmer's market type deal! I've heard it's a blast and you can find GREAT stuff - I plan on going one of these years!