Friday, March 19, 2010

We interrupt our regular scheduled programming...

I know I haven't even made it to part 2 yet and I've changed the subject?! But hold on let me explain before you get all huffy. I am without my hubby tonight - yesterday got a HORRID haircut of which I had to frantically call a good friend to fix today and without spilling ALL of my day to you just know I need some good humor now! My kids are in bed, the house is at last quiet, I have my hot cocoa almost finished and needed to do a fun post, let me repeat, NEEDED to do a fun post! So here we go:

10 Random Facts:

1. I love Mrs. Meyer's cleaners
2. My house desperately needs dusted
3. My son peed on my shower curtain tonight...yes on purpose. Don't ask.
4. I watched Sisterhood of the travelling pants last night. And cried. (can't believe I admitted it)
5. Best line ever on "The Marriage Ref": Well let's just think about it, and then do it my way. (hehe, quoted from a wife while speaking to her hubby)
6. There is a gemstone globe on my desk right now I got as a gift when I graduated.
7. I have left my ironing board in the middle of my living room in hopes that I will finally get annoyed of it being in my way and finish my ironing. (remember these are facts!)
8. I'm thinking about doing a workout called "Insanity". (haha think I'm "insane"?, hehe I crack myself up!)
9. I have a U.S. Census paper on my glass table.
10. My husband dislocated his wrist, get this...while preaching! Yep. He did. How you may ask? Ah now that's a story for another post my friend!

Thank you ladies and Gentlemen we will now return to your regular scheduled program.