Friday, March 19, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Part 2: The Lodging

Mademoiselle, Miser, may I welcome you to Round Top Inn in Round Top, Texas.

This is the grand scrapbook retreat location! They specialize in accommodating special groups such as scrapbookers and quilters. You arrive to long tables set up with individual table lamps at each "station" and all covered in butcher paper so you can doodle to your hearts content to get your creative juices going!
The property is divided as such: There is a "Main House" that accommodates 8 people. Two in the MAIN bedroom which has the oh so comfy down everything bedding and a porcelain stand-up antique tub, which yes, was heavenly! And upstairs has three more rooms of which the remaining 6 people lodge and yes they have their own bathroom upstairs! Pros of the "Main House" are that you eat, sleep, and scrap all in the same place. You even eat your meals 30 minutes before the "others" because this is where the food is prepared. It is also a smaller group so if you like a bit quieter environment this is the place for you! Cons: you have to smell the food the entire time it's being COOKED! ah the torture!
Second, there is a "Big Room" where you can fit up to 15 people I believe. It has an attached small kitchen and bathroom. If you are part of this larger group your lodgings consist of smaller houses or get-aways. There are 4 separate smaller houses which are just bedroom/bathroom combinations and downstairs to what they refer to as "The Bunkhouse" is the dining room where the big group eats. Pros of Big Group: you get to have a grand ole time chatting and singing and joking with tons of ladies, you don't smell the food or hear or see anyone else to distract you, and it has large windows in this room to enjoy the view of the Longhorns ranch across the street. Cons: you walk to where you sleep, and you walk to where you eat. Which isn't cool if it's cool. Both places are always STOCKED with snacks and treats, coffee, tea and water. They keep you spoiled in other words!

This quaint sitting bench area is right outside the Big Room.

This is one of the houses - well the inviting porch anyways!

Okay I must stop here because I'm in LOVE with this big bowl!!! If you have one - I want to know where you got it! Seriously! But as you can tell they cook with a lot of fruits and veggies and am I ever so glad - did I mention they cook you ALL 3 meals plus dessert at night??!?! I know right!

Here is my beautiful mother and I enjoying the breeze on the porch outside the "Main House" which is where we stayed this time. (and yes I'm wearing a bandanna - but there is lots you don't know about me still, don't worry) Oh and yes again, my mom and I are wearing the same shoes.

This is me in my kitchen. Okay, me in my dream kitchen. I can't lie.

Mima is bout to make up some grub! Or maybe just eat it and let someone else clean it up too! Hehe so bad - but she so deserved it!
That's all folks - I know your sad but you truly must visit this place in the flesh to experience it. Cuz all the blogging in the world can't really take you there. So go!