Friday, August 23, 2013

Things in front of me...

During the summer while we impatiently awaited getting into our new home, I was bored one morning and so started snapping pics on my iPhone. Doesn't everyone do that when they're bored??

I played around with the editing of them, then put them into PicFrame, an awesomely cool APP for any photo freak out there, and gave it a title: "Things in front of me right now". Creative huh?

I was bored, don't judge me. But it really was cool and so I wanted to share it on here.

In case you are wondering that green goodness on my plate was freshly roasted Hatch green chile with a little bit of gooey cheesy goodness inside!! It was heaven to this New Mexican girl's taste buds!

So what beauty is right in front of you??

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"SUPER" Bulletin Boards

Public school. Yep, I officially work in the public school system! Since we moved I applied at a local school and was hired a week later. I am extremely excited about the opportunity and experience!

I am a teacher's aide and as such I was in charge of many of the school bulletin boards. Well the school has a Super Hero theme this year so it was really fun being creative with them! 

Here's a few I did and thought I'd share:

And yes I MADE the Captain America shield as the Wonder Woman logo!! They really are basic shapes and letters! 

Hope everyone has a good school year! I'm sure you'll hear more about my public school adventures!