Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Read like a Detective" Anchor Chart

 We Are Teachers

I took this idea from a handout provided by WE are TEACHERS and ReadyGen of PearsonSchool.com

I loved the detective and the theme of proving a case for reading comprehension! Hope you like it and can possibly use it in your classroom too.

(Click the above link to see the original print out version for your classroom)


Diwakar said...

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Hannah Hudson said...

Hi this is Hannah from WeAreTeachers! We love that you created your own version of our Close Reading poster! Yours is so pretty.

Would you be able to include a link back to our version in your post, in case teachers want to print instead of creating their own?

Here's the link.



Unknown said...

I love your detective anchor chart! I'm thinking about using this for math. I've told my students that Math tests are reading tests! They should be able to identify the category of the question (number operation, patterns & algebra, geometry, measurement, probability). Then wrap up the question using a vocabulary word within the category ( like place value, equivalent fraction, perimeter, conversion, etc).

This anchor chart is very helpful!

poison_ivy777 said...

Hi there Hannah! I gladly added the link back to the printout version! It was a great handout and I hope I can bring some more teachers to it!