Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Quick Look Back...

This summer has been crazy. It's been hectic and stressful, yet fun and relaxed. It's been hot and miserable yet exciting and full of surprises! It's been a SUMMER! Since I've taken a LONG break from my Project 365 due to way too many personal circumstances going on in our lives right now I am going to reminisce for a bit however on my great summer before it's gone forever. Well until next year! So here's some recap and some pics to cover my butt:

This was technically before summer but HAD to be mentioned! I met one of my all-time favorite christian rap artists, KJ-52! He came and did a concert for our youth group and it was SO neat getting to meet him in person and go eat with him afterwards (yes I'm bragging a bit) He was very down to earth and we even agreed on an herbal tea that does wonders for sore throats!

Next of course is Graduation which seems to officially start our summers as youth pastors because we always know WAY too many graduates! It's a bittersweet time - we are SO proud of them and can't wait to see the lives God has for them yet we hate to see them go! We will miss them!

After the hectic end to every one's school year our friends grabbed us away for a much needed weekend camp out! Did I mention this camp spot had four-wheeling trails through the forests, jumps and all?! Oh yes. F-U-N!

We also got together with my husband's side of the family and all took off on a Caribbean Cruise to Progresso & Cozumel! Snorkeling in the coral reefs of Cozumel was SO breath-taking and such an awing experience that I am hooked for life! I can never describe how it felt. It was incredible!

Only downside - this was our "potty" on this fishing/scuba boat! HAHA

In between this time I took my trip to New Mexico but more posts on all that later - you've already seen the Fredericksburg one of that trip! And we weren't even to our destination yet!

The end of our summer wrapped up in South Dakota with my husband's family and his momma who is still battling cancer. It's been a hard and long fight but she is still fighting with everything she has. South Dakota also means my brother-in-law, Nate. And his new toys. Enough said.

Yes I shoot. Yes I hunt. And I LOVE every minute of it!

(Oh and the first picture of this post was a new fave picture of mine my husband snapped of us while on our cruise ship.)

How has your summer been? If you have a post of "your summer" please share it with me! I'd love to check it out!