Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm two days away...

I am incredibly pumped because tomorrow I will load up with white clothes and head to Dallas for my first ever 5K race!! Why the white clothes you ask? Well it has something to do with neon colored powder...that's right, The COLOR RUN! It has been an interesting journey as it started out with friends my age and turned into girls that have recently come out of our youth group instead but they are a blast to be with and I'm super pumped!

May I just stop to ask, is it wrong that one of my first questions was "Can we find a cool cupcake shop while we are there?!"

Anyway we will talk of my cupcake issue later. We (and I say we because we are running as a team) started training back in February using the Hal Higdon's website. He provides training schedules and tips for any length and type of race! Wonderful site and dummy-proof! We started at 1.25 miles and worked our way up over two months to the full 3 miles and it felt great towards the end of our training to reflect back on my week and say proudly "I ran a total of 8 miles this week!"

I know for runners this is no big deal but for a beginner who hasn't run long distance since high school it made me feel so good and it is in the tiniest way becoming infectious! I feel better and have more energy. I feel motivated and have a goal to work towards. It has just been a wonderful experience overall.

And this weekend ends the journey. Well the first of many that is (wink). I've been pa-rousing through photo ideas and researching tips so the experience is enjoyable and I think I'm pretty prepared for a first timer anyways! If you have ever considered it or found yourself saying one day I want to don't wait until someday becomes no day. Just decide it's now or never - baby steps! Take a deep breath and sign up for one, as big or small as you want and go make yourself proud!

I'll be posting my "colorful" photos later for you to see!