Friday, March 19, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat Part 3: The Graveyard

Now I already know what you are thinking, or should I say asking? "Graveyard? I thought we were talking about scrapbook retreat? Well it just so happens that I have not totally lost my mind yet although that is questioned on a regular basis - but a graveyard lies just at the top of the hill next to this Round Top Inn. AND it is the best place to watch the sunset!

Isn't it beautiful?! It is a small yet OLD German graveyard.
THIS is what sits below the graveyard - a huge open plain. Gorgeous.

This is my favorite tombstone and is all I can imagine is these were wealthy loggers. I mean why else would you have a tombstone like that?! But it is COOL!

Here is the main log, I mean tombstone. Well no I mean log. It belongs to Theodor Michaelis, 1825-1889.

Here is the one that lies beside it.

Yes I put this picture in twice on accident but LEFT it purposely - just cuz I can!

And this is a glimpse of what it begins to look like at dusk.

Can you picture it in real living color?

In case you couldn't I helped you out a bit.