Thursday, August 21, 2008

OH NO...not me on blogland!!

So I NEVER thought I would ever get sucked into blogging. I always thought "I have better things to do." However here I am with my own blog page. Scary thought. I am doing this mainly because I keep up with two blogs frequently and have had trouble signing which enables me to post back, so I thought if I create my own page SURELY I will have less trouble. So we will see if my plan will work and I suppose you will hear from me later...


Nate and Elizabeth said...

Yay! My evil plan worked! ;) Actually, I was gonna tell you that you needed to get a blog before but I was like, yeah... pastor's wife, 2 kids, homemaker... probably not an ounce of extra time in her day. ;)

But I was thinking it's way more fun and a lot easier for me to keep up with people and update family through blogs than it is through facebook or myspace, so I'm only going to be checking into the facebook account now and then and any updates on your life will officially be found here.

Anyway... glad to see you here and I'm gonna be on your butt to keep up with this thing! Love you, dear.

poison_ivy777 said...

Oh boy...what did I get myself into?