Monday, August 25, 2008

Helping Hand

Today I was able to go to the house of our newest hired pastor and get to know his wife a little better and also help her unpack the last of her boxes and get her kitchen organized. It was so nice to finally get to visit with her a little and find out who she is and where she comes from. She has an INCREDIBLE story and has interesting things in her life. She has "Conversions Disorder" which is very similar to "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder". It was crazy hearing her life story and everything she has been through. This lady is incredibly strong and can cope with things with such ease compared to, well the majority of the population. I love hearing people's stories, because everyone has them. It really helps give you a perspective on the person.

I am again waiting for church to start since by the time we got done with unpacking it was only two hours until church would start and I didn't feel any need to drive ALL the way back home to simply turn around and drive right back. So we all came over and invaded the church office fridge, gulped down some leftover pizza, and now as I am sitting here blogging, our Director of Ministries popped his head in and invited me to his marriage class tonight instead since I ahve already heard the sermon for the week. He said it is the BEST part of the series and will be really good. So I believe I will walk my happy butt down to his class instead tonight.

Oh and I forgot I finally got to view Darla Weaver's (our Senior Pastor's wife) video testimony for her Acts of Grace ministry. She has an INCREDIBLE ministry to post-abortive and sexually abused women (and soon to be - men) and has helped several hurting women find healing, hope, and restoration. If you know anyone who has either been sexually abused or has had an abortion I strongly recommend checking out her ministry. The bible studies she does with these women always, I mean ALWAYS, results in completely different women (for better!!). Here is her ministry website:

This website is actually our church website but has the Acts of Grace information and contact info. as well. Well have a great Monday night!


Nate and Elizabeth said...

So... I was thinking... we should really take some time in CC to chat, just you and I. I feel like you're so right about really needing to know people's stories... getting perspective on who they really are and why that's who they are... and I said to Nate, "You know... Ivy's been in our family for like 5 years and she still doesn't KNOW me." And I want you to. Not because I think I'm a great person to know or because I need people to give me attention or whatever, but because I feel like I know where you're coming from, and I've never given you the story of where, truly, I am coming from.

Nate and Elizabeth said...

P.S. I'm so glad you're blogging. :)

poison_ivy777 said...

Well first of all I do have a confession: I am actually enjoying blogging! I know scary again! And I have to thank you for commenting on my blog, cuz you and like one other girl have this blog site right now so it makes it worth it when there are comments! so thanks!

And I would love that. I have had 3 years to piece together what I can but haven't gotten too deep with you yet, still skimming the surface (mainly becuz you are no simple woman, complex you are (as yoda would say it)). Anyways I would really like that. you name the time and place and I'll be there (if I cna of course! lol) love ya!