Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week Idea

It is Teacher Appreciation Week! In case you didn't know. Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 3rd-7th this year and as the school year is coming to a close is a wonderful time to show your gratitude for all the blood, sweat and tears your kid's teacher poured into their classrooms and students this year! I found this awesome idea I believe over at Skip To My Lou (it was either there or it was a link from there!) But either way Skip to my Lou has some good ideas!

So anyways here is what I did for my son's WONDERFUL teacher Ms. Lisa at Methodist Day School in Conroe, TX. (By the way if you live around here and want an incredible Pre-K teacher I HIGHLY recommend her!! And I should know good teachers - my parents were both teachers themselves *wink* *wink*)

We decorated her door as a huge thank you card-type thing! Since it is beautiful outside her door might as well reflect it too right?

Then bottom part was the "Blooms" and each flower has a kids name on it. Then the parents over the next couple days sign each flower (or by it, since some are small) so that it becomes a life-size thank you card!

You can also do a Hot Air Balloon and say "Ms. Lisa, you've made us soar!" and each patch on the hot air balloon can be a kid's name. Or a simple one (for the less-creative ones out there) Just make jagged circles and say "Ms. Lisa you ROCK!" And each rock is a kid's name! The ideas are endless! And you only have one day left - EEK! So show your appreciation this week, SOMEHOW!

Cuz they deserve it.