Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning

It is Spring. Which by social commonality means you should be doing all those cleaning jobs that you only are required to do once a year. Such as clean out your closet, or organize your cupboards, or move your stove and suck up all the dust bunnies underneath! EEK!
However there was a pressing matter this year that desperately needed my attention and it became one of my many Spring Cleaning projects.

Okay do you see this filing organizer?

It wouldn't close. Not because I wasn't strong enough to force it together but literally it COULDN'T close. Why you may ask? Because this is holding three years of my paperwork! I know. That's bad. So I set out to make this right again.
Fresh file organizer - ONLY holding 2010 papers! YAY!! Which by the way - writing your own names for the tabs really helps cut down confusion between husband and wife of where something goes or is located. I highly recommend it!

And here is my big finale! After about an hour and a half I finally had them sorted out year by year. and yet what are those extra papers on the floor? Believe it or not they are from 2007-2005. How they got out of their proper filing and ended up in my current one is beyond me. But then again, these things happen when you commence Spring Cleaning.

AH. Feels good. So how bout you? What are you tackling this season??


Beautiful Daughters said...

Hello I hear ya on tackling things. Around here we are doing the yearly declutter put it in the garage sale thing.
Lots of things to do around the house for sure!!
Enjoy your summer days:)

Dee Dee said...

There is a wonderful product called "neat receipts". You can look it up on the internet. It scans all of your receipts, etc into pdf files and puts all the figures in a spreadsheet for you. You can do lots of stuff with it. It is acceptable to the IRS for your taxes. So after year end, you put everything a a disc, I would make a backup. And then destroy all paperwork you don't want to keep. I do keep some stuff that I want originals for, but it gets rid of the massive amounts of paperwork that we stuff into boxes to keep for years.