Friday, June 19, 2009

Illumin8 Performance

I am SOOO excited because the dance crew that we have in our CrossFire Ministries was the VERY first thing to perform in our brand new youth building! I've posted about it before on here and I am happy to announce - the certificate of occupancy has been signed and we have already had two youth services in it!

It has been a BLAST and the teens are lovin' it! Now, I tried to videotape our dance and the concert by B. Reith the first night we were in there but my tape messed up so thank you SO much to a teenager in the crowd who DID capture the dance on video! I was going to upload the video onto here directly but I just uploaded it to our CrossFire blog and it took 23 minutes, no exaggeration. Soooo....I made an executive decision and decided to simply put the link on here for you to go view it! lol, so I hope you enjoy it!

Click HERE for video of Illumin8 performance of "Gimme Dat"