Saturday, August 1, 2009

My latest readings...

I know I haven't updated my blog in awhile and that the last few have been pretty political so I thought I would do a laid back post today with simply my latest reading! I am an avid reader and wish I could sit for about 4 hours every day to just cuddle up with a good book, although most days do not afford me that pleasure. Any who here is what has graced my book shelf and worn out my bookmarks lately:

1. "The Healer" by Dee Henderson

The 5th book in the O'Malley Series and takes you through the emotions of dealing with a sister that is fighting cancer and believing God for a miracle every day of her fight.

2. "The Rescuer" by Dee Henderson

The 6th and final book the the O'Malley Series. This one finds a young man who's instinct is to run from death and things that just seem overwhelming in life. Will he ever come back? Will he find the peace he is searching for? This one has an end that will leave any mother in tears and laughter at the same time!

3. "Me, Myself, and Lies" by Jennifer Rothschild

This is actually a bible study that Beth Moore is sort of leading through her online blog, LPM blog. It is the "Summer Siesta Bible Study" and yes she knows that "siesta" is the Spanish word for nap! Check out her blog - it's a hoot! Anyways about the study -it takes an up close and personal look at your own "thought closet". It makes you realize what you are speaking to your soul on a daily basis. GREAT study to align your thoughts with God's truths over your life!

4. "The Laws of Prosperity" by Kenneth Copeland

From the back of the book: "True prosperity is the ability to apply the power of God to meet any need - spiritual, mental, and physical. In this book Kenneth Copeland shares the revelation of spiritual laws that govern prosperity. The Laws of Prosperity is written to teach you how to apply these laws in your own life so that you can begin to enjoy the great abundant life that only God can provide."

So what have you been digesting in your memory bank this summer?


Elizabeth Morrison said...

I've been reading a lot of old skool (if you're gonna use the phrase, ya gotta spell it that way, right? lol)books on what the church is meant to be... on forgetting all the programs and games and other people-pleasing junk and start focusing on the God-pleasing stuff.. ya know, like preaching the gospel of reconciliation and walking in forgiveness, love, acceptance, honor, unity, and integrity... books about how we need to stop entertaining people and start raising our standards. Whoo.. that was a mouthful. :) But good stuff.