Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick hello and PRIZE WINNER!

I feel a little alienated from my blog recently. But one thing I strive for is keeping balance in my life and for this past week I really needed to tend to my family and my home and NOT put it off so I could blog! So I don't apologize - I'm a mom and wife first and blogging is my hobby so for weeks like this past one I'm sure you can busy yourself until a wonderful new post on "A Walk in My Shoes" DOES finally come out! hehe. How's that for an introduction?

Okay but on with some business. First of all I want to CONGRATULATE the winner of my Creative Memories Mini PicFolio Boxed Set........Comment #1120 Gina!!! I'm SO glad you joined in on the Ultimate Blog Party fun and I'm so happy to bless you with this prize! I hope you enjoy it! (I haven't received your info from 5minutesformom.com yet but as SOON as I do I will get it mailed out to you! - and for the chance that you follow my blog or pop back by go ahead and let me know so i can get you it even sooner!)

Also since I don't have time to post my OH SO CUTE and YUMMY "Box of Chocolates" Cupcake creation today I did want to leave you with a cool project to help restore women enslaved in the red light district in India.

The project is called "Princess International" and you can read their STORY HERE.

They sell pajamas HAND-MADE by these women to help support them and give them a life of freedom out of and away from the Red Light District. It's such a simple way to help. And the jammies are SO adorable and beautiful! Browse through several here. Oh did I mention they have a cute name too? Punjammies! Isn't that adorable! Love it. Here is the Balamani Dawn p.j. pants. Beautiful right?!

Just wanted to quickly share that with you - since Mother's Day IS coming up...just sayin'.


Barbie said...

I just wanted to think you for sharing the link to the International Princess Project. As a church who prays for the end of human trafficking all of the time, I was overjoyed to be able to find the Punjammies to gift to one of our lead intercessors. Blessings!

TDM Wendy said...

Responding to your comment on my blog cuz I don't have your email - my husband was a youth pastor for 2 1/2 years. Now a Realtor. But he is in seminary so we shall see.