Friday, September 3, 2010

To Do List #5, Check!

I know it has again been a long time but just get used to it. I have just in the last two weeks - got a new job, started back to college, and signed my son up for his first team sport ever! Phew - it exhausts me just listing all those newbies! HOWEVER - I still plan on popping in to update with some fun and exciting things. First on the list was a thing that has been on my "To-Do" list for forever! I did a post this early spring of what were your spring cleaning goals. Mine didn't ALL involve cleaning, although I got a LOT of cleaning and organizing done, they also involved projects. So I went from Spring cleaning to Summer Projects just like that. And this one was a ton of fun!

It was mainly fun because I absolutely LOVE to create things and I also LOVE bold beautiful colors. Since I was a child I always remember walking into THOSE houses and thinking, "Wow how brave and yet SO beautiful for someone to paint their kitchen this color!" Or "Ooh that is SO different!" I always remembered them and so since I own my very own home now I wanted to BE that bold beautiful home that most people not DARE try to put on their walls! Hehe - can you tell I like to be BOLD?

So here was my order that I made from the paint counter:

I first did a test square with the small tester containers. I left it up for about a month so I could stare at it and make sure I liked it! I highly recommend the "test paint containers" before any major painting job. They are super cheap and you can look at a color in different lighting's before making the big decision and the big payment!)

And after cranking tunes and having to sing along to "I feel like a woman" we got the job done!
Don't you just love paint??!!