Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 17 of Project 365 of Me

A Special Day at the Station
Day 19

This day was a special day for me. In the above picture I am stuffing teddy bears into my car to take to our local Fire Station. Back in November I was praying about something our youth could do to help our community in some way. I remembered reading a Dee Henderson book about a firefighter that honestly changed my outlook on all firefighters everywhere. I just can NOT look at them the same (in a good way). Anyways in this book there is a part where it described the firemen giving a teddy bear to a young child when his house was destroyed by a flood. With this in my mind I talked to the local Fire Chief to ask what would be a good way to serve them. I mentioned this teddy bear idea and he told me that all 3 stations around our area were sharing one bag of teddy bears. Hearing that, it was decided - we would do a teddy bear drive for our firemen! So for one month we collected bears and I have to admit the teens did us proud bringing in over 270 teddy bears! And they were CUTE ones! So to wrap up my story, on January 20th Nick, myself, Caleb (our new Ministry Assistant) and a few teens that are homeschooling (most couldn't go because we went during school hours) loaded them all up and headed to the Fire Station!

This is Nick and I with Fire Chief, Bobby Harris. A wonderful man of God that leads the stations with excellence. And below is the crew that was there that day and the BAGS of teddy bears we were able to bless them with! They said because there were so many that they would split them up between all three stations!

We got the grand tour and my daughter Gracie was even allowed to look through their truck and sound the siren! She had a blast to say the least.
I absolutely loved that morning and hold it close to my heart. It was just teddy bears but it's that feeling of knowing you are doing something right by blessing people. I look at those bears and see little kids, crying or in shock receiving one of them and a half of a smirk comes back to their face or maybe the stream of tears stops for an instant - however big or small a difference it makes to them in that moment, I'm SO glad I got to be a part of it!


sister sheri said...

Love this idea! Everything makes a difference... whether small or big! Praise be to God!

popsiclesontheporch said...

Wow! What a neat idea. I didn't realize they collected teddy bears but makes perfect sense.
Next time you need help bagging for something like this let us know and we'll give a hand. I know the girls would love it! ; ) Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful Daughters said...

Hey girl Just stopping by to say hello:) Love all your pictures!!
Looks like you had a great time at the fire station. Thanks for sharing this idea