Friday, April 15, 2011

A Blast from the Past

I was born in 1986. Yes I'm young. And I'm proud to still be able to say that because I know my time is coming. However awhile back some friends of ours got in a conversation about trolls. I believe we saw some hair or something that reminded us of a troll and our minds just went spiraling down the mountain of our past toys and shows etc. It was a fun journey. So I thought in honor of the past (and I can call it that because the teens I work with don't know most of these things I mention) I would do a blast from the past post! 1. Obviously I have to start with the famous Troll Dolls! Their crazy straight up hair, their often naked little backsides and the petite little gut they all had. Once the craze began it spilled over to character trolls such as doctor, baby, girly and even animal trolls! I'm pretty certain I had a unicorn troll at some point.

2. POGS - okay who remembers these? Because they were a short lived wonder. You stacked them up nice and straight and used your thicker pog, called a Slammer; which were often made out of metal or plastic versus cardboard like the pogs were, to throw it at the top of the pile and however many you could knock off the pile you got to keep! And it had to be a straight down shot, sideways shots were obviously considered cheating. It was a fun game and I remember being excited to go through my new pogs I won after a game. Best part was they were DIRT CHEAP!

3. Sand Art - These are actually still around today but were huge when I was young. Every event or fair or place you went you could either create your own or buy their "souvenir sand art" It was simply colored sand layered odd ways into a creative container. Plain and simple. And I'm sure I did one or two as a kid.

4. POPPLES - This was one of my FAVORITE shows when I was really little! They were cute furry animals that looked like an ordinary ball until their owner (a kid) was by himself and then they would POP out into them self! Very cute and taught good morals. They had some funny popple characters. I still own a Popples shirt and plan on cutting out the front graphic to sew onto a new shirt - since my current shirt is a little short for my "mommy look" now.

Do you remember some crazes from your childhood? Or perhaps just something you loved back then? I'd love to hear what it/they were!