Friday, August 17, 2012

Farm Animal Pancakes

A couple years ago my grandmother-in-law bought me this Nordic Ware Farm Animal Pancake Griddle. It is fabulous and the kids get SO excited when I say I'm going to make the farm pancakes! I mean I am a serious pancake eater. My mom used to make them when I was sick. Maybe this is why I love them so much since they were my comfort food. Or she made them because I loved them so much. Hmm...egg or chicken, which came first? We shall never know. 

Although we technically DO know about the egg and chicken thing because God created all the animals first THEN gave the command to multiply, thus the egg. But how me telling you about a cool pancake griddle turned into the Creation story has me befuddled. So with no further ado I give you no other than, ha, a chicken!

Just wanted to share in case you are a pancake lover like me, or if you are needing a gift idea for someone who loves to bake, or cook, or just loves breakfast! Either way you can find it right HERE.