Saturday, November 3, 2012

Football Party w/ a Chic Twist

My dad loves college football! Mix that with being out of the country for the past three months and he was a bit deprived of his lazy game day Saturdays! So for his birthday we gave him just that! We got the idea straight from a "Better Home and Garden" Magazine.
Start by painting white lines on butcher paper that you've covered your table with. Measure them out, you need 11 I believe in all.

Next carefully paint your best football numbers! They don't have to be perfect, the goal is rustic.

Roll down some brown paper bags (you can add in white bags for variety) and add your best snacks!

Wrap up your gifts with remaining butcher paper and raffia.

Don't forget every one's bets on the games that day! Our winners won a candy bar.

Bring it all together and voila! Or should I say TOUCHDOWN!

Best part? Guests can make a huge mess and you just fold it all up in the paper afterwards and throw away!

My dad is from Ohio so the Ohio State game was kind of a big deal that day :)

Need a meal idea that's simple and easy to entertain with - chili bowl! Perfect for chilly days filled with football and cheering. Just set out all the fixin's and it's a relaxed buffet style meal.

Easy, yes. cheap, yes. So chic, YES! But still cool enough for the man (or little guy) in your life!