Thursday, December 19, 2013


By Ivy Morrison

Peppermints abound at Christmas time,
It’s out with bananas, melons, and lime.
But why should I wait for such a sweet taste?
In my cookies, my cocoa and my coffee! Make Haste!

Peppermints come in so many ways.
Any form or shape I will eat just the same.
Such as ice-cream and candy and chocolate – Oh my!
Oh my word – could you picture a peppermint pie?!

But when Christmas time is just about over,
I’ll start to freak out and run to Ms. Toler.
I’ll scream “OH NO! The stores have run out!”
To which she’ll respond “Heavens’ sakes child, don’t pout!”

At Tarkington Intermediate it is poetry time with 4th grade language arts! Before the holidays they had some fun coming up with Christmas themed Shape Poems and Concrete Poems! During my Tutorials I decided to go ahead and make one along with the students. Above is my ode to peppermints, my absolute FAVORITE flavor!!

And in case anyone wondered who the heck Ms. Toler is...she is our lovely librarian. And in case you're STILL curious she is pictured below :)


Isn't she cute?!