Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A few things on my mind...

First of all I just spent three days down in Galveston, TX at a Pator's Retreat. Yes they treat us to a beachhouse and even took us on a guided fishing trip (thus ALL the fishing pics you saw in my last post). It was just beautiful and I had a blast out on the ocean catching the vast array of fish in the sea. A few included: Bull Red, Shark (two types but couldn't tell you the names), Stingrays, Spanish Mackerel, and King Mackerel. It was so fun! can I say that again? It was SO fun! We were able to get to know two new pastor's and their wives and relax a little bit.

When we got back I was so excited because my brother and his family met us at our house (with our kids whom they watched while we were gone) and stayed with us to go to our church and check it out for the first time. They really enjoyed it and we had a short but very good visit! My side of the family are big gamers so we stayed up playing Scattegories Saturday night!

Then after socializing for 5 straight days and coming home from our youth group's Hip Hop Dance Crew practice I had officially had it and went to bed at 9:30 pm with food still on plates and dishes in the sink, toys on the floor, you name it. I CRASHED and slept in until 7:15 (I'm usually up by 6) and got VERY busy to clean everything before my in-laws arrived that afternoon. I got most of my work done thankfully due to my husband being home because of the holiday and helping me out tremendously! (He was even a little sick from allergies but never complained one bit! Just kept sneezing VERY loudly throughout his tasks, lol) They arrived and Tyler, my son, was bouncing off the walls excited ALL day, never stopped talking or I should say yelling! My kids were excited to see their grandparents to say the least.

Then after finally going to the back and grocery store after being gone for awhile I set in on my computer during naptime/quiet time (for my oldest who no longer takes naps) to try and catch up on ALL internet "stuff" so I can devote tommorow's naptime to youth work that will need to be done before our service at 7 pm tommorow. I ran over time a little but thankfully Grandad and Grandma came to my rescue and went for a walk, with the kids, down to the ice cream place a few blocks away. So it is quiet in my house as I finish this post and I hope it lasts awhile because I will be having company in and out until the 17th of this month, which includes a wekk long trip to Port Aransas and a flight to Tuscon Arizona for a friend's wedding! So I will try to keep up but no promises!

Before I go I must say I read some posts today that got me riled up although a whole 15 minutes later I am already over it, about the upcoming election. I should've known better because this is why I don't watch the news most of the time or search for debates online. I LOVE to debate with family and close friends but anyone outside of that I would just rather not know what people think or why they feel this way about that. Sorry just not who I am. I prefer to keep my thoughts positive and on God, not on what people SAY about God! If we would just take care of our OWN relationship with God the rest would take care of itself through the conviction of Christ and Christ alone, noone else! Okay I'm REALLY done now. Hope I can keep up during my social buzz the next few weeks. I'm enjoying every minute so far and it should only get better! Toodles!

P.S. I took this funny quiz through an email someone sent me. Check it out it is fun and doesn't take long AT ALL! It tells you whether you speak Dixie or Yank. http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/intelligencerreport/yankee_dixie_quiz.html


Nate and Elizabeth said...

Okay I don't even have to take the test to tell you I definitely speak Yank, lol.

I was just thinking today about how wonderful life would be if we all just listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit and trusted that others were doing the same. :) I get a kick out of the debates because I love hearing passionate people make their cases, but there comes a point where I'm like, okay, everything that can be said has been said - now it's just arguing, which isn't beneficial in any matter.

I'm sure this is far from the last we'll hear about Palin from either side. Glad I don't have TV, lol. I get it in small doses.

See you Sunday! :)

Nate and Elizabeth said...

Okay, I JUST figured out what you were talking about when you said,"you said it was going to be controversial" in your comment on my Sarah Palin post. In the post before that post, I said I was going to be posting a topic on Christian living that would be sure to create enemies, but that wasn't the post I was talking about, lol. The controversial post I was meaning didn't get posted because I couldn't get the video to work. :)

poison_ivy777 said...

Oh ok well either way when you post anything political it usually will stir controversy so it kind of worked, lol...sorry for the mistake though. And I am trying to remember what my score was from the quiz and if I remember right is was like 60% dixie (the other 40% would be influence from my dad coming from Ohio - such as crick not creek)