Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been tagged!

I have been playing catch up since the hurricane and vacation and we are fairing pretty well. We now officially have our electricity back (even though many friends of ours still do not :( ) and we have milk, eggs, cheese, and some deli turkey meat now in our fridge! YEAH!! Although the lovely smell (yes I am being completely sarcastic) is still looming in and around our fridge from the food spoiling over a week ago! I have baking soda in there but if anyone knows a quicker way to get rid of the smell please let me know!

Anyways the reason for this blog post is that I have been TAGGED by Elizabeth so I now have, excuse me, GET to share 7 weird or random things about me with all of you! So here we go:

1. I am a goal setter. I actually have so many goals that it frustrates me that I can not accomplish them as quick as I want to. Every thing I put my mind to I WILL have a goal in mind and will have it broken down into a game plan and individual actions that must be taken to get there. I suppose it is from being involved in several "leader" positions and organizations such as 4-H and FFA growing up and them DRILLING goals into your mind. Well okay that and that I have two wonderful teachers as parents who also strongly believe in and have taught me the value of goal setting.

2. When I get an idea in my head I want to do it RIGHT NOW! My husband will often look at me in disbelief or roll his eyes at me when I am casually talking about how I need to take the toilet paper holder off the wall because it is loosening and get some paint putty to fill in the screw holes and then paint over it and THEN probably buy a toilet paper pedestal instead because it would be easier and I like the look of them better anyway...AND then inform him I am going to Home Depot or Lowe's RIGHT NOW to get the materials needed. He usually responds with something along the lines of "I thought you were just discussing this with me? You mean you want to go do this right now??" Of course he grew up almost two hours away from common stores, well ANY stores, so I still don't think his mindset has adjusted to "city - we can go get something at the drop of a hat whenever we want".

3. I LOVE photography! I am not that great at it YET, but I plan to keep learning! That is actually one of my goals is to advance my photography skills. I love pictures, I love looking at things thinking what angle would make the best picture of that, and I love the story pictures can tell, and the history that is able to be passed on through them!

4. I sponsor a child in Ecuador! His name is Jeffersson U. Mero Vizueta and he will be turning 11 on October 21st! He loves soccer and eating seafood. My husband and I love sponsoring him and if it were up to me (and we had the money to do it) I would sponsor 20 to 30 children! I love getting letters and pictures from them and knowing I am helping a child LIVE and giving him a chance to go to school with very little of my money. If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child you can check out my website through Children International and sign up!

5. I am addicted to notes. I live by lists, notebooks, and sticky notes. I have a meal list, a shopping list, a "Need to get" list, a day by day chore list (just of main chores around the house), and a day to day to do list. I also have a youth group notebook with all our meeting notes and my ideas, a Internet notepad with all my Internet "stuff" with corresponding passwords and user names so I won't forget, and I also have memory verses in different places in my room to remind me of certain things God is teaching me lately. I know it's bad...and there are probably more laying around that I forgot to mention.

6. I love leading. I like to be the one organizing and planning and giving out jobs. I like public speaking or performing and I do not get embarrassed easily. I like to solve problems and help people solve theirs (although God is showing me I'm not always allowed to do this) I like coming up with meeting agendas and brainstorming. I like trying something new and am not afraid of it not working out or causing problems. If it sounds good let's try it! Go for it! Now I'm not stupid either I use wisdom in decisions I am just saying I like implementing new things and changing things up!

7. My fight style is "to solve the problem". I took a quiz one time in one of my bible studies that revealed what your fighting style was. Mine was very accurate in that I like to solve the problem. They gave scenarios and options of how you would respond. Every time something difficult comes my way my reaction is to figure out what is the problem and then how do I fix it? I usually have to go away by myself and either cool down or just think before I can respond too. I don't like to just respond with my initial reaction, I will go away, think and ponder and mull it over until my emotions are down and not clouding my thinking and then I process, evaluate and decide upon my solution. THEN I will go and address my problem. My reasoning to this is your problems usually aren't going anywhere so they can wait a minute until you have time to think it through.

Okay there you go! And I really am sorry but I only know two other bloggers personally that I CAN tag and one of them, Elizabeth tagged me. I'm not into tagging strangers so TAG Elisa you're it!