Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bringing spring to you!

Are you feeling tired of winter? Got the winter blues and can't WAIT (literally) for spring to get here? Well I have a spectacular project for you that brings a little spring to you!

I know I've been gone for awhile - my in-laws are visiting and so I've been quite busy and distracted. But I will get back into regular blogging soon. Anyways, for Christmas my husband's grandma (and mine too of course), purchased me a subscription to Better Home and Gardens Magazine! I am pouring through my first copy and found a GREAT idea to freshen up your home while winter may continue outside.

I hoped to get pictures for you too however as many of you know I got a new camera for Christmas and went hog wild with it and so now my card is full with about 1,400 pictures on it, yes I'm not kidding, and so I need to empty my card before I can get any more pics on here. However is the idea:

Materials Needed:
- branches off a deciduous tree - cut about 1 or 2 feet long
- shallow container, dish, whatever
- fresh water
- floral foam
- Scissors (sharp)
- And decorative rocks (optional)

What to do:
- Place floral foam inside the shallow dish you have chosen
- Cut some tree branches about 1 to 2 feet long and place into floral foam in any arrangement you like
- Fill with fresh water
- Cover top with decorative rocks to cover foam and make it look nicer
- Every 2-3 days cut fresh ends off the branches and replace water
- This will "force" the branches to bud giving you some greenery and a little spring made at home!

I'm putting mine together today so hopefully by the time they bloom I will have space on my camera to get a pic! Hope you enjoy the project!