Friday, February 6, 2009

Some favorite recent photos!

Ever since I got my camera I have been snapping pictures everywhere and of everything! So I decided to share a few of my favorites lately!
This first one is at my church - the church owns a working chuck wagon and I took this picture at like 6:50 p.m. which means it was almost pitch black - but I took it on a natural lighting setting and captured this amazing photo and NO IT HAS NOT BEEN ALTERED ONE BIT! This is exactly how it came out I have done nothing to the photo!

This second one was a gorgeous sunset the other evening that I enjoyed watching from my back door! I just saw the sunset through my window opened my back door and started snapping shots! I LOVE sunset pictures - can you tell?

This last one was taken the same time as the first wagon picture. I have to take the pastor staff pictures for our church website next week so I was experimenting set-ups and asked one of our youth to help me. She gladly posed for like 30 minutes in the cold while I looked at every angle possible! It was so fun and I ended up capturing a great shot of her!


lazy.jane said...

LOVE the pics and the the new background.

You should enter that first pic in a photo contest, seriously.

poison_ivy777 said...

Thanks - huge compliment coming from you! And I am - I'm gonna enter it in our county fair I think. thanks for stopping by - I miss you on blogland!

Biskit's Blog said...

These pics are amazing!!!! And your blog looks fab! Your gonna have to teach me how! See you soon!