Friday, November 20, 2009

"Hello Cupcakes" strikes again with Larry the Turkey

Okay so I already made Tyler's preschool class some pumpkin cupcakes for Halloween but I just happened to sign myself up to make desserts for their Thanksgiving Feast as well! It totally wasn't my fault - you see I resisted the sign in sheet for days thinking the blanks will fill in eventually with willing mommies. But it was one week away and the ONLY blank left was desserts and I would feel horrible if poor lil 4 year old's didn't have a ton of sugar to finish off their meal so they could torture poor Ms. Lisa for the nest 3 hours!! So I just ASKED if the desserts was for the kids or adults (because there was a sign-up to bring side dishes for the teachers too) and of course it just so happened to be for the I may have...written my name down and mentioned there was yet another cupcake adventure that looked like it may be fun (sheepish grin).

And I must say for anyone who looks at these creations and thinks "I could SO not do that" I highly recommend the book, "Hello Cupcake". It takes what looks like extremely difficult creations of cupcakes and breaks it down in easy steps so even I can understand how to do it! And they are the CUTEST things ever!

So back to the turkeys...I did my own rendition of "Larry the Turkey" although I had to change a couple ingredients or should I say COLOR of ingredient because I just could not find caramel everything! lol...non-the-less here were my results:
My first one:
Just ONE mess that covered my kitchen AND spilled over into my living room believe it or not!

A close-up

Here are all 12 of my turkeys awaiting annihilation the next day by Ms. Lisa's preschool class!