Saturday, December 5, 2009

10 Things I learned about CRUISES

I just got back from my very first CRUISE! My husband and I went on the "Ecstasy" through Carnival Cruise Lines and had a blast! Our two "ports" were Cozumel and Progresso. I may do a series of things I learned or other things about cruises but here is my first post, "10 Things I Learned About Cruises".

1. Prepare to have your equilibrium messed up when you finally get home.

2. There is not ONE trash can outside of your rooms! You leave your food or mess and it magically all gets cleaned up!

3. You can buy a book that gives you instructions on how to make the adorable little towel animals.

4. It is very important to remember to leave out socks for your de-embarkation. (you pack everything up except what you need in the morning and set it outside your door to be taken to the terminal the night before you arrive)

5. Progresso is NOT a worthwhile stop UNLESS you go see the Mayan Ruins (seriously that's about all you want to do here...I don't recommend the beach or shopping!)

6. You can get a free Sudoku puzzle from the library each day.

7. If you can't decide what to order they will just bring you both.

8. You may get food FROM anywhere, TAKE it anywhere to eat and then LEAVE it anywhere to be cleaned up.

9. Do not try to play the mini putt putt golf while the boat is moving. (Wait until you are at port!)

10. Do NOT go to the front of the boat while it is moving unless your hair is tied up or very short!

Have you ever been on a cruise???