Wednesday, December 9, 2009

KINDLE II Giveaway!!!

No I'm not kidding - this blogger is GIVING AWAY a brand new Kindle II!!! For those avid readers out there I'm sure you already know what this is but in case you don't this is pretty much an electric book. You can download any book, magazine, newspaper onto it for only a few dollars each instead of paying full price for the book and it sitting on a shelf for years afterwards and ending up in a garage sale! You can put them all on this Kindle AND it has...okay I don't know the techy word - but it's NOT a lighted screen like a computer so it won't hurt your eyes!! It's the same as looking at a page of paper! They are incredible! My parents both have them and would never trade them!

So anyways I wanted to let you all know about it (mainly because I get an extra entry by posting this!! hehe!) so check out this great giveaway opportunity at BiblioFreakBlog.