Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm having withdrawals

I am so glad to announce that I will be taking my final for my college class this week and then I will have a long break until the fall! SOOO I might actually get to come back to my poor abandoned blog! I feel like I finally start getting some momentum and then I get so swamped with homework and, well the rest of my life, that I just crash and burn and then I'm left trying to pick all the pieces back up and build up my masterpiece again. Can you relate?

But since I have a moment I wanted to share an awesome writing by Charles Spurgeon that I read in my textbook.

"Jesus is more ready to pardon
than you are to sin,
more willing to supply your wants
than you are to confess them.
Never tolerate low thoughts of Him.
You may study, look, and meditate,
but Jesus is a greater Savior than
you think Him to be
when your thoughts are at their highest."

Isn't that beautiful? And this is my college class. I love attending a Christian University and am getting SO much out of my classes, not just intellectually but spiritually too.

On another note, here are a few more catch-ups from my Project 365:
February 3rd

Okay no, it's not me. We're just going to call February my forgetful month because I forgot a lot of days to take a photo of myself. However I still am a photo freak and DID capture some moments - so here is my daughter with the ONLY snowball of our winter!
February 4th

My daughter made her own HUGE snowflake at school with a massive coffee filter paper! She was so proud and it was too cute.
February 6th

SUPERBOWL!! Need I say more?
February 9th

Okay I'm back in the photos finally! On this night my daughter, who is 4, was walking around the house talking. When I stopped to ask what she was doing she informed me she was reading her bible. (which yes she was carrying a New Testament around) When I started listening, everything she said was dead on...perhaps it didn't quite form a structured sentence but the points she made were right! I was such a proud momma that night.
February 10th
Partly because he can't EVER wait to get a gift or give a gift and two because I challenged him to actually surprise me this year and NOT tell me what I was getting before I got it - I arrived home on Thursday afternoon from picking up my son from school and when I walk up to my house I find a note taped on my door. It is a clue written in my hubby's handwriting and it explains to find the next clue. I think 8 clues later and after being in and out of my house it eventually led me to my favorite reading chair where my Valentine's gift lay! It was so sweet and he knows me to a "T" because I love treasure hunts and things of the sort! He got me one of my fave movies - Avatar!!