Saturday, March 19, 2011

My class is done!! Woohoo!

To celebrate my class FINALLY being over (for quite awhile too) I'm going to attempt to catch up on my Project 365! Hey don't's possible. (sheepishly) Right?
Well we'll find out. Here's the first set:

February 14th

We celebrated the Friday night before since we were both working on Valentine's Day but I had to take a picture with my honey anyways today! Cuz he's my BABE!

February 16th

This lil guy is a Sugar Glider - our new CrossFire mascot! (Not really - but a teen owns him and brings him so we can play every Wednesday night :) )
February 17th

I wish I wasn't behind on photos so some of them like the one above could be bigger for you. I have said on here before that mu hubby REALLY is a good photographer - he has a very creative eye. I came up with this shot (as we finished a Domino game) however he had to pull it off and he did MORE than pull it off don't you think?
February 19th

We are on the Speed the Light Walk to Drive Event with some teens from our youth group - we are walking 5K to raise money for missionaries! The above photo is a tile mural in one of the tunnels on the waterway where we walked. The picture below is some of my walking buddies.

February 21st

I finished the month long boot camp at Gold's Gym and have now started some P90X a couple times a week as I figure out what workout schedule I want next - so I thought I'd celebrate with a Muscle Picture!
February 22nd

Okay so this picture is at like 11:30 p.m. - I had spent the last three hours making horse cupcakes for Cowboy Day at Gracie's school to only have a major disaster at the end and they not turn out! GRRRRRRRR! None-the-less I got a photo of my annoyance.
February 23rd

Cowboy Day at Gracie's school!
February 26th

If you can believe it, weeds are already growing around here! My kids being the age they are bring mommy every flower they find (weed or not)! And it's adorable. And sweet. And cute. And it touches a mommy's heart. So I wanted to take a picture to remember it by.

February 27th

Sunday night is the night I meet with my prayer partner. Every other week we meet at Starbucks and treat ourselves to a mocha or something yummy, however the other weeks we simply call each other up. Tonight was a stay at home night but we still ended up "meeting" for like an hour and by the time I was done I had two bibles, two spiral notebooks with scriptures and prayers, my journal, an array of pens and highlighters and me! Sheesh this definitely deserved a picture!
March 2nd

Okay so you can't see me exactly but I'm sure you guessed that these are my footprints. One of the things I LOVE it watching the birds feed at our feeder in the mornings. This morning I had looked out to find it empty (hungry little things) and so tiptoed through the dew covered grass to quickly fill it back up. And lo and behold my footprints were left as a sign that I'd been there. And then I had to raise my lens a bit as my dog Menina came to see what in the world I was up to but also to capture the foggy morning it was.

March 6th

Nope, I haven't changed THAT much.
March 7th

Before you go accusing me of not following rules let me explain. I DID take this picture - and it's of myself. So what is the problem? I actually took a photo of a photo in my scrapbook for my Facebook photo challenge that I'm doing. And hey it fit the rules so why not use it? It's of me and my two cousins at the San Diego Zoo when we were probably around 12??

Okay so everyone can thank my best friend, Jaci, for me ACTUALLY catching up (I know I still have more but they are coming in separate posts - I didn't want to overwhelm you in one post). She sent me a birthday wishes email and reminded me how far behind I am in this project, and since we live a state away she told me how much she enjoys seeing the pics of me. :) I know it warmed my heart too! So I decided I'd been bad for too long and owed it at least to her. So here you are Jaci - and thank you for my sweet Birthday Wishes, I miss ya girl!

And I also realized if I switch to the smaller photos I can get these done much quicker - so are they okay or are the bigger ones worth the time? Please comment and let me know!

Oh and did you notice I got on a Sepia kick there towards the end? Guess I see my life in brownish tones right now, hmm.