Thursday, November 10, 2011

Have you ever had one of the mornings?

Have you ever had one of those mornings? Or perhaps one of those days? Today was certainly one of "those" kind of mornings and I was at my whit's end! Kids were driving me nuts, I had completely forgotten to get something I needed for my class THAT DAY so I'm frantically trying to run out the door early enough to get to the store before dropping kids off at school (which typically I'm lucky to barely get just to the school on time) and we get to the store, wait FOREVER while some guy goes in the back to see if they have any to find out the item I needed had all been thrown out the NIGHT BEFORE... yada yada yada. You get the gist right? So when I finally have dropped one child off and we're headed to the next drop off I'm praying to God pleading with Him to PLEASE help me because I just cannot have a whole day like this! I need my day to get better!

Right then as I'm driving and asking God to PLEASE have mercy and bring me some peace some flashing lights out of the corner of my eye catch my attention. And NO it wasn't a cop okay! I looked over and it was an ambulance that you can tell had just pulled up to this person's house. And my first reaction was "Oh Lord I hope everything is okay!" I mean obviously it's not okay at the moment, thus the ambulance, but I was just hoping it would turn out all right. After whispering a short prayer my mind finally realized something:

My morning really wasn't that bad after all.

When you put your circumstances into perspective things really aren't as bad as they seem in that moment. I thanked God for helping me remember to count my blessings and my "problems" really weren't a big deal.