Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to entertain a little boy...

In my class this week we were learning about Abraham and Sarah and their trip to Ur. I had planned on bringing suitcases and bags with common items you would pack for a trip. The kids were going to have to pack the bags! However one day it was dumping rain and we had tornado warnings and I got distracted by the bad weather and headed out the door without the suitcases. So when I got to school I had to think fast! My idea for the kids was to make a road out of masking tape and have car and trucks out for them to TRAVEL on the road with!

It was a HUGE hit! The boys especially loved taking the cars and zooming them down the road! It was an accident but I'm glad it happened. Now I only had about five minutes to make this one little road (as you can see in the photos) but you can get as creative as possible! Just tape a road onto a kids table or maybe make a whole map out of a cheap rug! The sky is the limit!

Here was my small version - and since it was such a hit I actually did it on most of the table the next day, excluding my little railroad track thing.


Mima siesta said...

You were gifted by God with amazing creativity! Such a simple but fantastic idea for preschool classrooms. Love it! (Kundera, 1st graders, homeschoolers, anyone with long table at kid height)